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introduced: 2.4.0
default: false
- portability
- execution
description: >
Provide a macro hook to check for available native stack space for the
currently executing native thread. The macro must evaluate to zero if
there is enough stack space available and non-zero otherwise; a RangeError
will then be thrown.
The macro is performance sensitive. It should ideally have a fast path,
e.g. a stack pointer range comparison, and a slow path handling
initialization, detecting stack resizes, thread changes, etc.
The definition of "enough space" depends on the target platform and the
compiler because the size of native stack frames cannot be easily known
in advance. As a relatively safe estimate, one can check for 8kB of
available stack.
Duktape doesn't call this macro for every internal native call. The macro
is called in code paths that are involved in potentially unlimited
recursion (such as making Ecmascript/native function calls, invoking
getters and Proxy traps, and resolving Proxy chains) and code paths
requiring a lot of stack space temporarily. Even so the macro is called
very frequently, and unless the check is fast, performance will be visibly