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Software Carpentry at Bath 2013

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Monday 15-Tuesday 16 July 2013.


Monday 15th

Tuesday 16th


We'll be using an Etherpad to provide additional information on the day. This will be made public on the day.

Hints and tips

Hints and tips on common Bash and editor commands.

Before you arrive...

If you choose to bring your laptop then before you arrive, you'll need to ensure you have installed some software on your laptop. Please see our set-up page for a list of the software required.

You also need to create a free account on BitBucket.

You may also find it useful to work through this short tutorial on Beginning Python.

Organiser and instructors

The organiser of this boot camp is Alex Chartier. The instructors will be Chris Woods and Mike Jackson.


For help or more information please contact Alex Chartier and Mike Jackson.