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FsEye is a visual object tree inspector for the F# Interactive. Taking advantage of the built-in WinForms event loop, it listens for additions and updates to variables within FSI sessions, allowing you to reflectively examine properties of captured values through a visual interface. It also allows you to programmatically add and update eye watches, effectively ending the era of printf REPL debugging.

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  • Monitors FSI for watch additions and updates
  • Asynchronous, parallel, lazy loading of child nodes
  • Asynchronous Break and Continue debugging
  • View large or infinite sequences in 100 element lazy loaded chunks
  • View public and non-public member values, including fields, properties, and lazily forced return values for zero-arg non-void call members
  • Programmatic control of FsEye watches
  • Pretty F# name printing
  • Copy watch values to the Clipboard with the right-click context menu
  • Support for plugins with PropertyGrid, DataGridView, and TreeView-based plugins provided out-of-the box

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