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  • the Request::setTrustedHeaderName() and Request::getTrustedHeaderName() methods have been removed
  • the Request::HEADER_CLIENT_IP constant has been removed, use Request::HEADER_X_FORWARDED_FOR instead
  • the Request::HEADER_CLIENT_HOST constant has been removed, use Request::HEADER_X_FORWARDED_HOST instead
  • the Request::HEADER_CLIENT_PROTO constant has been removed, use Request::HEADER_X_FORWARDED_PROTO instead
  • the Request::HEADER_CLIENT_PORT constant has been removed, use Request::HEADER_X_FORWARDED_PORT instead
  • checking for cacheable HTTP methods using the Request::isMethodSafe() method (by not passing false as its argument) is not supported anymore and throws a \BadMethodCallException


  • the Request::setTrustedProxies() method takes a new $trustedHeaderSet argument, see for more info,
  • deprecated the Request::setTrustedHeaderName() and Request::getTrustedHeaderName() methods,
  • added File\Stream, to be passed to BinaryFileResponse when the size of the served file is unknown, disabling Range and Content-Length handling, switching to chunked encoding instead
  • added the Cookie::fromString() method that allows to create a cookie from a raw header string


  • Added support for creating JsonResponse with a string of JSON data


  • The precedence of parameters returned from Request::get() changed from "GET, PATH, BODY" to "PATH, GET, BODY"


  • Finding deep items in ParameterBag::get() is deprecated since version 2.8 and will be removed in 3.0.


  • PdoSessionHandler changes
    • implemented different session locking strategies to prevent loss of data by concurrent access to the same session
    • [BC BREAK] save session data in a binary column without base64_encode
    • [BC BREAK] added lifetime column to the session table which allows to have different lifetimes for each session
    • implemented lazy connections that are only opened when a session is used by either passing a dsn string explicitly or falling back to session.save_path ini setting
    • added a createTable method that initializes a correctly defined table depending on the database vendor


  • added JsonResponse::setEncodingOptions() & JsonResponse::getEncodingOptions() for easier manipulation of the options used while encoding data to JSON format.


  • added RequestStack
  • added Request::getEncodings()
  • added accessors methods to session handlers


  • added support for ranges of IPs in trusted proxies
  • UploadedFile::isValid now returns false if the file was not uploaded via HTTP (in a non-test mode)
  • Improved error-handling of \Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Session\Storage\Handler\PdoSessionHandler to ensure the supplied PDO handler throws Exceptions on error (as the class expects). Added related test cases to verify that Exceptions are properly thrown when the PDO queries fail.


  • fixed the Request::create() precedence (URI information always take precedence now)
  • added Request::getTrustedProxies()
  • deprecated Request::isProxyTrusted()
  • [BC BREAK] JsonResponse does not turn a top level empty array to an object anymore, use an ArrayObject to enforce objects
  • added a IpUtils class to check if an IP belongs to a CIDR
  • added Request::getRealMethod() to get the "real" HTTP method (getMethod() returns the "intended" HTTP method)
  • disabled _method request parameter support by default (call Request::enableHttpMethodParameterOverride() to enable it, and Request::getHttpMethodParameterOverride() to check if it is supported)
  • Request::splitHttpAcceptHeader() method is deprecated and will be removed in 2.3
  • Deprecated Flashbag::count() and \Countable interface, will be removed in 2.3


  • added Request::getSchemeAndHttpHost() and Request::getUserInfo()
  • added a fluent interface to the Response class
  • added Request::isProxyTrusted()
  • added JsonResponse
  • added a getTargetUrl method to RedirectResponse
  • added support for streamed responses
  • made Response::prepare() method the place to enforce HTTP specification
  • [BC BREAK] moved management of the locale from the Session class to the Request class
  • added a generic access to the PHP built-in filter mechanism: ParameterBag::filter()
  • made FileBinaryMimeTypeGuesser command configurable
  • added Request::getUser() and Request::getPassword()
  • added support for the PATCH method in Request
  • removed the ContentTypeMimeTypeGuesser class as it is deprecated and never used on PHP 5.3
  • added ResponseHeaderBag::makeDisposition() (implements RFC 6266)
  • made mimetype to extension conversion configurable
  • [BC BREAK] Moved all session related classes and interfaces into own namespace, as Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Session and renamed classes accordingly. Session handlers are located in the subnamespace Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Session\Handler.
  • SessionHandlers must implement \SessionHandlerInterface or extend from the Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Storage\Handler\NativeSessionHandler base class.
  • Added internal storage driver proxy mechanism for forward compatibility with PHP 5.4 \SessionHandler class.
  • Added session handlers for custom Memcache, Memcached and Null session save handlers.
  • [BC BREAK] Removed NativeSessionStorage and replaced with NativeFileSessionHandler.
  • [BC BREAK] SessionStorageInterface methods removed: write(), read() and remove(). Added getBag(), registerBag(). The NativeSessionStorage class is a mediator for the session storage internals including the session handlers which do the real work of participating in the internal PHP session workflow.
  • [BC BREAK] Introduced mock implementations of SessionStorage to enable unit and functional testing without starting real PHP sessions. Removed ArraySessionStorage, and replaced with MockArraySessionStorage for unit tests; removed FilesystemSessionStorage, and replaced withMockFileSessionStorage for functional tests. These do not interact with global session ini configuration values, session functions or $_SESSION superglobal. This means they can be configured directly allowing multiple instances to work without conflicting in the same PHP process.
  • [BC BREAK] Removed the close() method from the Session class, as this is now redundant.
  • Deprecated the following methods from the Session class: setFlash(), setFlashes() getFlash(), hasFlash(), and removeFlash(). Use getFlashBag() instead which returns a FlashBagInterface.
  • Session->clear() now only clears session attributes as before it cleared flash messages and attributes. Session->getFlashBag()->all() clears flashes now.
  • Session data is now managed by SessionBagInterface to better encapsulate session data.
  • Refactored session attribute and flash messages system to their own SessionBagInterface implementations.
  • Added FlashBag. Flashes expire when retrieved by get() or all(). This implementation is ESI compatible.
  • Added AutoExpireFlashBag (default) to replicate Symfony 2.0.x auto expire behaviour of messages auto expiring after one page page load. Messages must be retrieved by get() or all().
  • Added Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Attribute\AttributeBag to replicate attributes storage behaviour from 2.0.x (default).
  • Added Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Attribute\NamespacedAttributeBag for namespace session attributes.
  • Flash API can stores messages in an array so there may be multiple messages per flash type. The old Session class API remains without BC break as it will allow single messages as before.
  • Added basic session meta-data to the session to record session create time, last updated time, and the lifetime of the session cookie that was provided to the client.
  • Request::getClientIp() method doesn't take a parameter anymore but bases itself on the trustProxy parameter.
  • Added isMethod() to Request object.
  • [BC BREAK] The methods getPathInfo(), getBaseUrl() and getBasePath() of a Request now all return a raw value (vs a urldecoded value before). Any call to one of these methods must be checked and wrapped in a rawurldecode() if needed.