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git-gutter-fringe.el is fringe version of of git-gutter.el.

git-gutter.el does not work with linum-mode but git-gutter-fringe.el can work with linum-mode. In contrast, git-gutter-fringe.el does not work in tty frame(emacs -nw), but git-gutter.el can work in tty frame.

NOTE: You can not use both git-gutter.el and git-gutter-fringe.el


Screenshot of git-gutter-fringe.el



You can install git-gutter.el from MELPA with package.el (M-x package-install git-gutter-fringe).

And you can also install it with el-get.

Basic Usage

Interfaces are same as git-gutter.el.

  • git-gutter
  • git-gutter:clear
  • git-gutter:toggle

Sample Configuration

;; You need to install fringe-helper.el
(require 'git-gutter-fringe)


Look and feel


You can change faces like following.

(set-face-foreground 'git-gutter-fr:modified "yellow")
(set-face-foreground 'git-gutter-fr:added    "blue")
(set-face-foreground 'git-gutter-fr:deleted  "white")

Change signs in fringe


;; Please adjust fringe width if your own sign is too big.
(setq-default left-fringe-width  20)
(setq-default right-fringe-width 20)

(fringe-helper-define 'git-gutter-fr:added nil

(fringe-helper-define 'git-gutter-fr:deleted nil

(fringe-helper-define 'git-gutter-fr:modified nil

Position of fringe


You can change position of fringe, left or right. Default is left.

(setq git-gutter-fr:side 'right-fringe)

Comparison with diff-hl

I suppose if you enable vc-mode, you should use diff-hl rather than git-gutter-fringe. I always use git-gutter.el(and I love git-gutter.el), however I don't use git-gutter-fringe and don't do dog-fooding myself.

diff-hl is based on Emacs VC. git-gutter-fringe does not use vc.

You can use git-gutter-fringe even if you disable vc-mode. While diff-hl benefits from VC. For example, if vc supports new VCS which is greater than git, diff-hl works with such VCS with no code modification. However git-gutter.el does not benefit from vc-mode, I need to add code for supporting such new great VCS.

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