CPUQuota= values > 100% are invalid since v231 #3851

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$ sudo systemctl --runtime set-property ghb@:1.service CPUQuota=200%

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$ sudo systemctl --runtime set-property ghb@:1.service CPUQuota=200%
CPU quota '200%' invalid.

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$ sudo systemctl --runtime set-property ghb@:1.service CPUQuota=200%

@poettering poettering added this to the v232 milestone Aug 2, 2016
philips commented Aug 3, 2016

@vcaputo could you take a look at this? Related to coreos/coreos-overlay#2106


Looks like it was introduced in 9184ca4 since parse_percent checks the value is in the range [0,100]. Looking through the man pages, it appears the CPUQuota is the only place where values >100% are used. Not sure if a "parse_percent_unbounded" should be introduced or just revert the change in that one spot.

dm0- commented Aug 4, 2016

I've tested using a parse_percent_unbounded function, which seems to work for me. The PR is #3886.

vcaputo commented Aug 4, 2016

Huh, I only get notified on my personal email for this project, didn't see my mention til now. I believe dm0 is working on this.

@poettering poettering closed this in #3886 Aug 4, 2016
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