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DMS Tools and Utilities
Copyright (C) 2008, 2009, 2010 David M. Syzdek <>
1.3 2014/07/29 (syzdek)
- Changing to a modified BSD license. (syzdek)
- Updating posixregex with the ability to toggle POSIX regex
flags. (syzdek)
- Adding new utility endian. (syzdek)
- Adding "" script for generating GNU Autotools
files. (syzdek)
- Adding new utility macaddrutil. (syzdek)
- Adding new utility netcalc. (syzdek)
- Updating to latest version of Bindle Tools. (syzdek)
- Cleaning up GNU autotools files. (syzdek)
1.2 2011/08/06 (syzdek)
- Adding netcalc utility. (syzdek)
- Updating numconvert to support ASCII characters (syzdek)
1.1 2010/09/28
- Fixing display bug in bindump that was added by git commit
3226926f8b04. (syzdek)
- Removing from Git repository, files generated by gettextize,
libtoolize, and automake. (syzdek)
- Adding script for running autotools in the correct order. (syzdek)
- Adding new utility colors for displaying ANSI escape codes. (syzdek)
- Adding new utility for testing signals called suicide. (syzdek)
- Removing GNU Gettext from package. (syzdek)
1.0 2010/01/18 (syzdek)
- Updating bindump to binarily diff files. (syzdek)
- Adding ANSI color formatting to bindump output. (syzdek)
- Starting for common functions. (syzdek)
- Adding option in bindump to display bits in little endian (syzdek)
- Adding option in numconvert to display bits and bytes in little
endian (syzdek)
- Updating bitops to use the same command line flag as numconvert
for hex output. (syzdek)
- Creating initial man pages for bindump, binops, numconvert, and
posixregex. (syzdek)
- Fixing compiler misc warnings. (syzdek)
0.9 2010/01/06 (syzdek)
- Adding bindump utility (syzdek)
0.8 2009/12/31 (syzdek)
- Adding typedef-info utility (syzdek)
- Adding bitcopy utility (syzdek)
0.7 2009/09/23 (syzdek)
- Adding support for binary input values in numconvert. (syzdek)
- Adding ability to specify a specific notation to use for parsing
input values in numconvert. (syzdek)
- Updating the Makefile-xcode wrapper to allow custom targets to be
executed from within Xcode. (syzdek)
- Fixing miscellaneous porting errors to WIN32 platforms. (syzdek)
0.0.6 2009/08/12 (syzdek)
- Adding initial support for gettext. (syzdek)
- Adding experimental package manager for slackware linux. (syzdek)
- Adding number system conversion utility numconvert. (syzdek)
0.0.5 2009/02/09 (syzdek)
- re-branded package as dmstools. (syzdek)
- migrated from CVS to Git. (syzdek)
- derived package version from the git repository. (syzdek)
- adding support for GNU gettext support (syzdek)
- standardized the name space for codetagger (syzdek)
- added ability for codetagger to recurse directories (syzdek)
- updated codetagger to only write data to disk if expanding the
tags would result in a change to the file. (syzdek)
- updated codetagger to use a margin stripped for trailing white
space when inserting empty lines from the tag definition (syzdek)
0.0.4 2008/06/29
- added the Xcode wrapper Makefile-xcode to the distribution (syzdek)
- replaced calls to mkstemps() with mkstemp() due to the former not
being available on Linux systems with GNU libc. (syzdek)
- added [:blank:] as valid characters to the tag name (syzdek)
- the end tag now retains the same character case after the
the expansion as before. (syzdek)
0.0.3 2008/06/22
- updated codetagger to show usage information if no parameters were
given. [requested by Royce Williams] (syzdek)
- updated codetagger to warn if tag definitions were not found in
the tag file. [requested by Royce Williams] (syzdek)
- updated codetagger to warn if no tags were found in the processed
file. (syzdek)
- updated codetagger to not replace original file if no tags were
found. [requested by Royce Williams] (syzdek)
- re-numbered the verbose levels (syzdek)
- added warnings for unknown tags. (syzdek)
- expanded man page for codetagger (syzdek)
0.0.2 2008/06/22
- finished documenting the remaining command line options in the man
page. (syzdek)
- added ability code codetagger to set file ownerships of generated
files if the utility is run as root. (syzdek)
- added comment syntax for doxygen parsing. (syzdek)
- reviewed and improved source code comments. (syzdek)
- removed dependency of common.h so that utilities can be compiled
outside of the package environment. (syzdek)
- added Xcode over lay for project. (syzdek)
- added examples for codetagger (syzdek)
- added ability to specify different strings/characters for the
left and right tag markers in codetagger. (syzdek)
- make misc code clean-ups. (syzdek)
- included source for vaportar, an utility which creates random
tar files that contain multiple files with the same file
name. I know, useless. (syzdek)
- added utility that test POSIX regular expressions on strings
passed as arguments. (syzdek)
0.0.1 2008/06/16
- initial release of package (syzdek)