Shell::Command Perl 6 module
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Provides cross-platform routines emulating common *NIX shell commands

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use v6;
use Shell::Command;

# Recursive folder copy
cp 't/dir1', 't/dir2', :r;

# Remove a file
rm_f 'to_delete';

# Remove directory
rmdir 't/dupa/foo/bar';

# Make path
mkpath 't/dir2';

# Remove path
rm_rf 't/dir2';

# Find perl6 in executable path
my $perl6_path = which('perl6');

# Concatenate the contents of a file or list of files and print to STDOUT
cat "file1.txt", "file2.txt";

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  • Kamil Kułaga
  • Moritz Lenz
  • Steve Mynott
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  • Ahmad M. Zawawi (azawawi @ #perl6)


MIT License