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display indication that a test report was sent

A successful test report transmition does look like:
==> Submitted test report as:

On a second attempt it shows that there is nothing to send:
==> Test report is duplicate of:
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Panda Panda is an implementation of a Perl 6 module manager specification.


Pies is a module management solution for Perl 6. Pies itself is a specification (like masak's Pls), and cannot install anything itself. The project ships two implementations: ufobuilder, being an extremely simple example implementation of Pies, and Panda, being the actual module manager to use.

Installation on Linux/UNIX/OSX

To install Panda along with all its dependencies, simply run the script in the root of the panda git repo. You must have perl6 installed in order to run

git clone --recursive git://

cd panda


Since the bootstrap step currently runs tests with prove, you will need a recent TAP::Harness (3.x) for it to work properly.

If you are behind a proxy, you need to configure git and configure wget to use the proxy.

Installation on Windows

Panda currently depends on wget; you can obtain a Windows build of wget at:

Once you have obtained and installed it, and have both wget and perl6 in your path, you may now install Panda by doing:

git clone --recursive git://

cd panda


After a successful bootstrap, a message will show up saying what path should be added to PATH env variable in order to be able to run panda from the command line. For example:

==> Please make sure that /home/user/rakudo/install/languages/perl6/site/bin is in your PATH

If you use bash, you can fulfill that requirement with the following:

echo 'export PATH=$PATH:/home/user/rakudo/install/languages/perl6/site/bin' >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

Running Tests

One way to run the test suite is with prove from TAP::Harness

prove -e perl6 -lrv t/

You will need a recent TAP::Harness (3.x) to have a prove binary with an -e option.


Panda can be used like:

panda install Task::Star

(Task::Star is a handy bundle that installs all the modules shipped with the Rakudo Star Perl 6 distribution.)

Alternatively, you can install a package from the local disk by supplying its path:

panda install ./perl6-Acme-Meow




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