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#include <stdio.h>
#include <alpm.h>
#include "hashdb.h"
#include "powaur.h"
struct aurpkg_t {
char *id;
char *name;
char *version;
char *category;
char *desc;
char *url;
char *urlpath;
char *license;
int votes;
int outofdate;
/* list of char* */
alpm_list_t *arch;
alpm_list_t *depends;
alpm_list_t *optdepends;
alpm_list_t *conflicts;
alpm_list_t *provides;
alpm_list_t *replaces;
struct aurpkg_t *aurpkg_new(void);
void aurpkg_free(struct aurpkg_t *pkg);
int aurpkg_name_cmp(const void *a, const void *b);
int aurpkg_vote_cmp(const void *a, const void *b);
void parse_pkgbuild(struct aurpkg_t *pkg, FILE *fp);
/* Returns the list of char * of dependencies specified in pkgbuild
* The list and its contents must be freed by the caller
alpm_list_t *grab_dependencies(const char *pkgbuild);
/* Resolve dependencies for powaur_get
* returns the list of strings of unresolved packages. The list and strings
* are to be freed by the caller.
alpm_list_t *resolve_dependencies(struct pw_hashdb *hashdb, alpm_list_t *packages);
/* Returns a statically allocated string indicating wich db the pkg came from */
const char *which_db(alpm_list_t *sdbs, const char *pkgname, alpm_list_t **grp);
/* Prints pretty pkg, for plain -Q, -Qs, -Ss */
void print_pkg_pretty(alpm_list_t *sdbs, pmpkg_t *pkg, enum dumplvl_t lvl);
/* Dumps entire pacman database, for -Q, -Qi, -Qs, -Si, -Ss w/o targets */
int pacman_db_dump(enum pkgfrom_t from, enum dumplvl_t lvl);
/* Dumps a pacman package, for -Qi and -Si */
void pacman_pkgdump(pmpkg_t *pkg, enum pkgfrom_t from);