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Make line_input_checker=True the default for InputSplitter.

The Qt console needs to use it in line_input_checker mode, but can't specify
arguments in case it's using the InputSplitter base class.

Closes gh-3248
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1 parent 2b00f64 commit 94f1c9c7a86e0673641644076ca7f0d3450d22df @takluyver committed May 1, 2013
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2 IPython/core/
@@ -477,7 +477,7 @@ class IPythonInputSplitter(InputSplitter):
# List with lines of raw input accumulated so far.
_buffer_raw = None
- def __init__(self, line_input_checker=False, physical_line_transforms=None,
+ def __init__(self, line_input_checker=True, physical_line_transforms=None,
logical_line_transforms=None, python_line_transforms=None):
super(IPythonInputSplitter, self).__init__()
self._buffer_raw = []

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