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TalkJS code examples

This repo demonstrates common use cases for TalkJS.

TalkJS is a chat API with pre-built UI for web & mobile apps. Build any chat use case into your product with just a few lines of code. Frontend UI SDK and out-of-the-box notifications included. Visit to learn more!

How-to guides

See our how-to guides for ways to use TalkJS's features to customize your chat. Here are just a few examples:


See examples for how to get started with our SDKs:

Integrating with other frameworks

Our JavaScript SDK lets you integrate TalkJS into your frontend with regular JavaScript, so you can use it alongside any web framework.

Examples of integrating with popular frontend frameworks:

Examples of integrating with popular backend frameworks:

Using a library, framework or language not listed here? Let us know and we can help out.

Other resources

For more information on how to integrate TalkJS to your projects, check out our docs.

Not sure how to cover your use case with TalkJS? Get in touch and we'll help you out!