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-- Copyright 2018 Tanel Poder. All rights reserved. More info at
-- Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE.txt for terms & conditions.
-- File name: lotspios.sql
-- Purpose: Generate Lots of Physical IOs for testing purposes
-- Author: Tanel Poder
-- Copyright: (c)
-- Usage: @lotspios <number>
-- @lotspios 100
-- @lotspios 1000000
-- Other: This script just does a full table scan on all tables it can
-- see, thus it generates mainly scattered or direct path reads
prompt Generate lots of physical IOs by full scanning through all available tables...
str varchar2(1000);
x number;
for i in 1..&1 loop
for t in (select owner, table_name from all_tables where (owner,table_name) not in (select owner,table_name from all_external_tables)) loop
execute immediate 'select /*+ FULL(t) */ count(*) from '||t.owner||'.'||t.table_name||' t' into x;
when others then null;
end loop; -- t
end loop; -- i