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@@ -93,6 +93,7 @@ The following options are supported via the main options object passed to `useTa
- When either the internal `state` or this `state` object change, this object is **always merged over the internal table state** (eg. `{...state, ...overrides}`) to produce the final state object that is then passed to the `useTable` options.
- `reducer: Function(oldState, newState) => finalState`
- Optional
- Must be **memoized**
- Inspired by Kent C. Dodd's [State Reducer Pattern](
- With every `setState` call to the table's internal `React.useState` instance, this reducer is called and is allowed to modify the final state object for updating.
- It is passed the `oldState`, the `newState`, and when provided, an optional action `type`.

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