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class UserSession < Authlogic::Session::Base
#auto_register false
rpx_key RPX_API_KEY
# here you may override AuthlogicRpx::Session methods as required
# map_rpx_data maps additional fields from the RPX response into the user object during auto-registration.
# Override this in your session model to change the field mapping
# See for the definition of available attributes
# In this procedure, you will be writing to fields of the "self.attempted_record" object, pulling data from the @rpx_data object.
# WARNING: if you are using auto-registration, any fields you map should NOT have constraints enforced at the database level.
# authlogic_rpx will optimistically attempt to save the user record during registration, and
# violating a database constraint will cause the authentication/registration to fail.
# You can/should enforce any required validations at the model level e.g.
# validates_uniqueness_of :username, :case_sensitive => false
# This will allow the auto-registration to proceed, and the user can be given a chance to rectify the validation errors
# on your user profile page.
# If it is not acceptable in your application to have user records created with potential validation errors in auto-populated fields, you
# will need to override map_rpx_data and implement whatever special handling makes sense in your case. For example:
# - directly check for uniqueness and other validation requirements
# - automatically "uniquify" fields like username
# - save conflicting profile information to "pending user review" columns or a seperate table
def map_rpx_data
# map core profile data using authlogic indirect column names
self.attempted_record.send("#{klass.login_field}=", @rpx_data['profile']['preferredUsername'] ) if attempted_record.send(klass.login_field).blank?
self.attempted_record.send("#{klass.email_field}=", @rpx_data['profile']['email'] ) if attempted_record.send(klass.email_field).blank?
# map some other columns explicitly e.g. photo_url
self.attempted_record.photo_url = @rpx_data['profile']['photo'] if attempted_record.photo_url.blank?
if rpx_extended_info?
# map some extended attributes
# similar to map_rpx_data, except this is invoked at every user login
# it allows you to keep relatively volatile information in your user profile updated from RPX
def map_rpx_data_each_login
# we'll always update photo_url
self.attempted_record.photo_url = @rpx_data['profile']['photo']
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