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Facebook Group to WordPress

A simple plugin that imports posts from facebook groups to your WordPress blog, every half hour!

Acknowledgement: You shouldn't use this plugin to pull posts from the groups you didn't created. The author doesn't take any responsibility for any kind of abuse.

What it does & doesn't

  • Imports from facebook group and inserts as fb_group_post post type
  • No chance for duplication
  • It imports comments as well
  • Runs every half hour via WordPress cron system
  • Adds group id, author name and ID, post link as post meta
  • If you want to trigger the importing manually, go to
  • Import historical (paginated) posts. To do this, go to and it'll automatically start the import process. Only admins can run this task.


If you want to contribute on this project, you are more than welcome.


Tareq Hasan