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# This is a port of the GTK+3 Hello World to bash.
# declare some numeric constants used by GTK+
declare -ri G_CONNECT_AFTER=$((1 << 0))
declare -ri G_CONNECT_SWAPPED=$((1 << 1))
# void print_hello(GtkApplication *app, gpointer user_data)
function print_hello ()
echo "Hello World"
# void activate(GtkApplication *app, gpointer user_data)
function activate ()
local app=$2
local user_data=$3
local window
local button
local button_box
dlsym -n gtk_widget_destroy gtk_widget_destroy
dlcall -n window -r pointer gtk_application_window_new $app
dlcall gtk_window_set_title $window "Window"
dlcall gtk_window_set_default_size $window 200 200
dlcall -n button_box -r pointer gtk_button_box_new $GTK_ORIENTATION_HORIZONTAL
dlcall gtk_container_add $window $button_box
dlcall -n button -r pointer gtk_button_new_with_label "Hello World"
dlcall g_signal_connect_data $button "clicked" $print_hello $NULL $NULL 0
dlcall g_signal_connect_data $button "clicked" $gtk_widget_destroy $window $NULL $G_CONNECT_SWAPPED
dlcall gtk_container_add $button_box $button
dlcall gtk_widget_show_all $window
declare app # GtkApplication *app
declare status # int status
# Generate function pointers that can be called from native code.
callback -n print_hello print_hello void pointer pointer
callback -n activate activate void pointer pointer
# Prevent threading issues.
taskset -p 1 $$ &> /dev/null
# Make libgtk-3 symbols available
dlcall -n app -r pointer gtk_application_new "org.gtk.example" $G_APPLICATION_FLAGS_NONE
dlcall -r ulong g_signal_connect_data $app "activate" $activate $NULL $NULL 0
dlcall -n status -r int g_application_run $app 0 $NULL
dlcall g_object_unref $app
exit ${status##*:}