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Finished Proposals

Finished proposals are proposals that have reached stage 4, and are included in the latest draft of the specification.

Proposal Champion(s) TC39 meeting notes Expected Publication Year
Array.prototype.includes Domenic Denicola, Rick Waldron November 2015 2016
Exponentiation Operator Rick Waldron January 2016 2016
Object.values/Object.entries Jordan Harband March 2016 2017
String padding Jordan Harband & Rick Waldron May 2016 2017
Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors Jordan Harband & Andrea Giammarchi May 2016 2017
Trailing commas in function parameter lists and calls Jeff Morrison July 2016 2017
Async Functions Brian Terlson July 2016 2017

See also the stage 0 proposals, active proposals, and inactive proposals documents.