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odopoi Installation Guide
WARNING: this is *BETA* software under active development. Some of the
"gum and ducttape" is still around from the initial prototype.
System Requirements
You'll need an apache 2.x web server configured with PHP 5.x and MySQL
5.x. The program that extracts the points of interest from the OSM
files, named posm_extractor, needs to be compiled. You'll need a C
compiler (gcc), expat library, make, and cmake. A future version will
require pthreads.
Note: it is easiest to compile and run posm_extractor on GNU/Linux.
Attempts to get it to compile and run under cygwin and Dev-C++ on
Microsoft Windoes have not been successful.
Getting the Source Code
$ git clone git://
Configure Apache
Set the document root to be /path/to/odopoi/www
Make /path/to/odopoi/www/cache readable and writable by the web server user.
Database Configuration
Create a MySQL database and a MySQL user with permissions to access it.
Edit the /path/to/odopoi/www/config.php file.
Load Database Schema
$ mysql -u your_username_here -p your_database_name_here < /path/to/odopoi/database.sql
Download some OSM data
Get one or more OSM files. There are a few sources:
* (Export as "OpenStreetMap XML Data")
They can be put anywhere, but /path/to/odopoi/posm_extractor/data is the best.
Compile posm_extractor
$ cd /path/to/odopoi/posm_extractor
$ ./
Extract POI from your OSM files in /path/to/odopoi/posm_extractor/data
$ cd /path/to/odopoi/posm_extractor
$ ./ > extract.sql
Load the extract into MySQL
$ mysql -u your_username_here -p your_database_name_here < extract.sql
Run some data Cleanups
These are processes left over from the early days of development, but
are pretty easy to run. symbol-check.php removes any points of interest
that don't have icons or are malformed. zoom-calc.php computes at what
zoom level points are displayed on the map so that the icons don't
overlap with other icons.
$ cd /path/to/odopoi/utl
$ php symbol-check.php
$ php zoom-calc.php
symbol-check.php should take about 30 seconds to run.
zoom-calc.php may take 20 to 30 minutes on Canada-sized data sets.
The End
That should be it. Feel free to e-mail me questions and/or improvements.
-- Thomas Cort <>