Script to display data from CloudFlare in Panic's StatusBoard
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##What is Flareboard?

Flareboard is the way to get your CloudFlare stats to display in StatusBoard or The Dash. It has been designed to be very easy to install and use. It requires no third-party gems, and can be run on any version of ruby from 1.9.x to 2.2.x

Add your credentials and sites to flareboard, and it will hit the CloudFlare API to grab your stats and convert them into the JSON that Statusboard uses for graphing. You can drop the resulting file into a dropbox folder or host it on a web server. Unless you are paying for a CloudFlare Pro account, your stats will only update every 24 hours, so it's no use running flareboard more often than that.

Note: It is no longer compatible with Ruby 1.8, as that version is no longer being supported upstream. Please upgrade.


Via gem

Simply run gem install flareboard


Copy the file bin/flareboard onto your computer. Put it either in a bin directory in your path or somewhere else.


There are three ways of configuring the script. Via the command-line arguments documented in the Usage section, via a config file (~/.flareboard.rc), or by editing the script directly. In order of priority (highest to lowest), it will use command-line options, the config file, and then the hard-coded config hash in the script.

It is highly recommended to use a config file, as passing your API token on the command-line is a security risk, and modifying the script itself will make upgrades manual and laborious.


The title that will show up on your status board


Your Cloudflare token - available via their website at


The email you have registered with cloudflare. NOT your username!


Interval Values - see for latest.

20-40 only update once a day - it is no use polling more often than that
20 = Past 30 days
30 = Past 7 days
40 = Past day
!!! Anything higher than this requires a paid CloudFlare account !!!
!!! This also enables greater than daily updates !!!
100 = 24 hours ago
110 = 12 hours ago
120 = 6 hours ago


Sites have a site specific title, a URL, and a color for the graph. Colors: yellow, green, red, purple, blue, mediumGray, pink, aqua, orange, lightGray

Here is an example config file, using the same data as the example hash.

:token: XXXXXXX
- :title: 'Should I Use That In Prod'
  :url:   ''
  :color: 'red'
- :title: "It's Not Rocket Science"
  :url:   ''
  :color: 'purple'


Usage: flareboard [options]
    -f, --file FILE                  Where to write the JSON output
                                     Defaults to STDOUT
    -t, --token TOKEN                Your CloudFlare API token
    -e, --email EMAIL                Your CloudFlare email address
    -i, --interval INTERVAL          CloudFlare history interval
                                     Defaults to 40
        --title TITLE                Title of the status board
                                     Defaults to 'Cloudflare - Pageviews'

If no file is given, flareboard will write to standard out.