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fs = require("fs")
path = require("path")
{spawn, exec} = require("child_process")
stdout = process.stdout
# Use executables installed with npm bundle.
process.env["PATH"] = "node_modules/.bin:#{process.env["PATH"]}"
# ANSI Terminal Colors.
bold = "\033[0;1m"
red = "\033[0;31m"
green = "\033[0;32m"
reset = "\033[0m"
# Log a message with a color.
log = (message, color, explanation) ->
console.log color + message + reset + ' ' + (explanation or '')
# Handle error, do nothing if null
onerror = (err)->
if err
process.stdout.write "#{red}#{err.stack}#{reset}\n"
process.exit -1
## Setup ##
# Setup development dependencies, not part of runtime dependencies.
task "setup", "Install development dependencies", ->
fs.readFile "package.json", "utf8", (err, package)->
log "Need runtime dependencies, installing into node_modules ...", green
exec "npm bundle", onerror
log "Need development dependencies, installing ...", green
for name, version of JSON.parse(package).devDependencies
log "Installing #{name} #{version}", green
exec "npm bundle install \"#{name}@#{version}\"", onerror
## Building ##
build = (callback)->
log "Compiling CoffeeScript to JavaScript ...", green
exec "rm -rf lib && coffee -c -l -b -o lib src", (err, stdout)->
callback err
task "build", "Compile CoffeeScript to JavaScript", -> build onerror
task "watch", "Continously compile CoffeeScript to JavaScript", ->
cmd = spawn("coffee", ["-cw", "-o", "lib", "src"])
cmd.stdout.on "data", (data)-> process.stdout.write green + data + reset
cmd.on "error", onerror
clean = (callback)->
exec "rm -rf html lib man7", callback
task "clean", "Remove temporary files and such", -> clean onerror
## Testing ##
runTests = (callback)->
log "Running test suite ...", green
exec "vows --spec", (err, stdout)->
process.stdout.write stdout
callback err
task "test", "Run all tests", -> runTests onerror
## Documentation ##
# Markdown to HTML.
toHTML = (source, callback)->
target = "html/#{path.basename(source, ".md").toLowerCase()}.html"
fs.readFile "doc/layout/main.html", "utf8", (err, layout)->
onerror err
fs.readFile source, "utf8", (err, text)->
onerror err
log "Creating #{target}", green
exec "ronn --html #{source}", (err, stdout, stderr)->
onerror err
[name, title] = stdout.match(/<h1>(.*)<\/h1>/)[1].split(" -- ")
name = name.replace(/\(\d\)/, "")
body = stdout.replace(/<h1>.*<\/h1>/, "")
html = layout.replace("{{body}}", body).replace(/{{title}}/g, title)
fs.writeFile target, html, "utf8", (err)->
callback err, target
documentPages = (callback)->
files = fs.readdirSync(".").filter((file)-> path.extname(file) == ".md").
concat(fs.readdirSync("doc").filter((file)-> path.extname(file) == ".md").map((file)-> "doc/#{file}"))
fs.mkdir "html", 0777, ->
convert = ->
if file = files.pop()
toHTML file, (err)->
onerror err
process.stdout.write "\n"
fs.readFile "html/readme.html", "utf8", (err, html)->
html = html.replace(/<h1>(.*)<\/h1>/, "<h1>Zombie.js</h1><b>$1</b>")
fs.writeFile "html/index.html", html, "utf8", onerror
fs.unlink "html/readme.html", onerror
exec "cp -fr doc/css doc/images html/", callback
documentSource = (callback)->
log "Documenting source files ...", green
exec "docco src/*.coffee src/**/*.coffee", (err, stdout, stderr)->
log stdout, green
onerror err
log "Copying to html/source", green
exec "mkdir -p html && cp -rf docs/ html/source && rm -rf docs", callback
generateMan = (callback)->
files = fs.readdirSync(".").filter((file)-> path.extname(file) == ".md").
concat(fs.readdirSync("doc").filter((file)-> path.extname(file) == ".md").map((file)-> "doc/#{file}"))
fs.mkdir "man7", 0777, (err)->
log "Generating man file ...", green
convert = ->
if file = files.pop()
target = "man7/#{path.basename(file, ".md").toLowerCase()}.7"
exec "ronn --roff #{file}", (err, stdout, stderr)->
onerror err
log "Creating #{target}", green
fs.writeFile target, stdout, "utf8", onerror
exec "mv man7/readme.7 man7/zombie.7", onerror
process.stdout.write "\n"
generatePDF = (callback)->
log "Generating PDF documentation ...", green
files = "index api selectors troubleshoot".split(" ").map((f)-> "html/#{f}.html")
options = "--disable-javascript --outline --print-media-type --title Zombie.js --header-html doc/layout/header.html"
toc = "--toc --toc-depth 2 --toc-no-dots --cover doc/layout/cover.html --allow doc/images --outline"
margins = "--margin-left 20 --margin-right 20 --margin-top 20 --margin-bottom 20 --header-spacing 5"
exec "wkhtmltopdf #{options} #{margins} #{toc} #{files.join(" ")} html/zombie.pdf", callback
generateDocs = (callback)->
log "Generating documentation ...", green
documentPages (err)->
onerror err
documentSource (err)->
onerror err
generatePDF (err)->
onerror err
generateMan callback
task "doc:pages", "Generate documentation for main pages", -> documentPages onerror
task "doc:source", "Generate documentation from source files", -> documentSource onerror
task "doc:man", "Generate man pages", -> generateMan onerror
task "doc:pdf", "Generate PDF documentation", -> generatePDF onerror
task "doc", "Generate all documentation", -> generateDocs onerror
## Publishing ##
publishDocs = (callback)->
log "Uploading documentation ...", green
exec "rsync -chr --del --stats html/", (err, stdout, stderr)->
log stdout, green
callback err
task "doc:publish", "Publish documentation to site", ->
generateDocs (err)->
onerror error
publishDocs onerror
task "publish", "Publish new version (Git, NPM, site)", ->
# Run tests, don't publish unless tests pass.
runTests (err)->
onerror err
# Clean up temporary files and such, want to create everything from
# scratch, don't want generated files we no longer use, etc.
clean (err)->
onerror err
fs.readFile "package.json", "utf8", (err, package)->
package = JSON.parse(package)
# Create a tag for this version and push changes to Github.
log "Tagging v#{package.version} ...", green
exec "git tag v#{package.version}", (err, stdout, stderr)->
log stdout, green
exec "git push --tags origin master", (err, stdout, stderr)->
log stdout, green
# Publish documentation, need these first to generate man pages,
# inclusion on NPM package.
generateDocs (err)->
onerror err
log "Publishing to NPM ...", green
build (err)->
onerror err
# Beware: npm publish pushes everything it finds to the Web,
# don't run it on your working copy. Here we create a clean
# directory with only the files we *want* to publish.
files = package.files.slice(0)
files.push path for n,path of package.directories
exec "rm -rf clean && mkdir clean", (err)->
onerror err
exec "cp -R #{files.join(" ")} clean/", (err)->
onerror err
exec "npm publish clean", (err, stdout, stderr)->
log stdout, green
onerror err
# We can do this in parallel.
publishDocs onerror
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