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#ifdef COLOR
*customization: -color
Emacs*cursorColor: black
Emacs*bitmapIcon: on
Emacs*font: fixed
Emacs.geometry: 80x40
Seyon.modems: /dev/modem
XTerm*cursorColor: Orchid
XTerm*reverseVideo: false
XTerm*scrollBar: true
XTerm*reverseWrap: true
XTerm*font: fixed
XTerm*fullCursor: true
XTerm*scrollTtyOutput: off
XTerm*scrollKey: on
XTerm*VT100*translations: #override \
Shift<Key>Return: string(" &") string(0x0A) \n\
Meta<Key>Return: string(" | less") string(0x0A) \n\
~Shift<Key>Prior: scroll-back(1,page) \n\
~Shift<Key>Next: scroll-forw(1,page) \n\
Shift<Key>Prior: scroll-back(1) \n\
Shift<Key>Next: scroll-forw(1) \n\
<Key>Delete: string(0x1b) string("[2~") \n\
<Key>BackSpace: string(0x7f)
XTerm*titleBar: false
XTerm*saveLines: 10000
XTerm.termName: xterm
XTerm*foreground: black
XTerm*background: white
XTerm*locale: true
XTerm*titeInhibit: true
XTerm*utf8: 1
XTerm_color*reverseVideo: false
XTerm_color*scrollBar: true
XTerm_color*saveLines: 5000
XTerm_color*reverseWrap: true
XTerm_color*font: fixed
XTerm_color.geometry: 80x25+20+20
XTerm_color*fullCursor: true
XTerm_color*scrollTtyOutput: off
XTerm_color*scrollKey: on
XTerm_color*VT100.Translations: #override\n\
<KeyPress>Prior : scroll-back(1,page)\n\
<KeyPress>Next : scroll-forw(1,page)
XTerm_color*titleBar: false
*beNiceToColormap: False
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