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DeepLab depends on the following libraries:

  • Numpy
  • Pillow 1.0
  • tf Slim (which is included in the "tensorflow/models/research/" checkout)
  • Jupyter notebook
  • Matplotlib
  • Tensorflow

For detailed steps to install Tensorflow, follow the Tensorflow installation instructions. A typical user can install Tensorflow using one of the following commands:

# For CPU
pip install tensorflow
# For GPU
pip install tensorflow-gpu

The remaining libraries can be installed on Ubuntu 14.04 using via apt-get:

sudo apt-get install python-pil python-numpy
sudo pip install jupyter
sudo pip install matplotlib

Add Libraries to PYTHONPATH

When running locally, the tensorflow/models/research/ and slim directories should be appended to PYTHONPATH. This can be done by running the following from tensorflow/models/research/:

# From tensorflow/models/research/
export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:`pwd`:`pwd`/slim

Note: This command needs to run from every new terminal you start. If you wish to avoid running this manually, you can add it as a new line to the end of your ~/.bashrc file.

Testing the Installation

You can test if you have successfully installed the Tensorflow DeepLab by running the following commands:

Quick test by running

# From tensorflow/models/research/
python deeplab/

Quick running the whole code on the PASCAL VOC 2012 dataset:

# From tensorflow/models/research/deeplab