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If a user never logs in, someone else can grab their nickname
See the issue tracker at for more bugs
Data Cleaning
Email addresses should be lowercased before comparing
Nicknames too???
Nicknames should not be allowed to contain multiple internal spaces
nor internal whitespace other than space
Archive issues (that's per user rather than per issue)
Patch Sets
Edit patch set message
Delete patch sets
Repositories and Branches
Get rid of the repository feature in favor of always using
Edit/Delete Repository?
Automatically add Repository entries when a new project uploads stuff?
Searching, Organizing
View all open issues by base, or by repository
View all closed issues (issue 15 in the tracker)
Add stars
Add non-inline comments per file, per patchset
Diffs and Patches
Deprecate the upload form (and repositories) and do it all with
Improve UI for selecting patch set deltas; handle missing files better
Syntax colorization
Record revision and show in UI; indicate action (add/edit/delete)
Handle binary files?! (Progress: fewer crashes related to binary files)
Add line length option
Support more diff formats (Better: let normlize these)
Need a more powerful way to specify the URL for finding a revision (?)
User Experience
Make Edit Issue show the form inline instead of opening a new page?
Fields "SVN Base" and "Base" have hard-to-guess names
Better UI for adding branches? (Low priority now we have
Right-justify the "Id" and "Drafts (mine)" headings in the Issues list table
Software Engineering