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Magit plugin for Gerrit Code Review


If you have a recent Emacs with package.el, you can install magit-gerrit from MELPA.

Otherwise, you'll have to download magit-gerrit.el and ensure it is in a directory in your load-path.


(require 'magit-gerrit)

;; if remote url is not using the default gerrit port and
;; ssh scheme, need to manually set this variable
(setq-default magit-gerrit-ssh-creds "")

;; if necessary, use an alternative remote instead of 'origin'
(setq-default magit-gerrit-remote "gerrit")  


  1. Check out branch, make changes, and commit...
  2. Gerrit Push Commit for Code Review => R P
  3. Gerrit Add Reviewer => R A (optional)
  4. Wait for code review and verification (approvals updated in magit-status)
  5. Gerrit Submit Review => R S

Magit Gerrit Configuration

For simple setups, it should be enough to set the default value for magit-gerrit-ssh-creds and magit-gerrit-remote as shown above.

For per project configurations, consider using buffer local or directory local variables.


((magit-mode .
      ((magit-gerrit-ssh-creds . "")
       (magit-gerrit-remote . "gerrit"))))


Brian Fransioli ( )


Thanks for using and improving magit-gerrit! Enjoy!

Please help improve magit-gerrit! Pull requests welcomed!