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How to run this test

  1. Clone the repository.

  2. Select build.gradle file from the project and open it as a project.

  3. There are two options for running your tests -

    1. Go to your IntelliJ terminal and type the following -

    gradle clean build runDistribution -DtestFeed="kik" -Dtags=@helloKik

    Here you can choose to replace the tags in the feature files which you will find under src/test/resources

    1. The other option is to go to Run->Edit Configurations from your menu and click on it.Then click on Defaults->Cucumber java.You will see a configuration tab on the top right side.Under that you will find VM options.There you have to write the following :

    -DtestFeed=kik -DrunMode=Distribution

    After doing this, go to any of the feature files and right click on any scenario and select Run option.

For this running this test, you will need two emulators or devices up and running

No more updates about Optimus in this Wiki.