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(ns async-life.core
(:require [cljs.core.async :as async
:refer [<! >! chan timeout alts!]])
(:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :refer [go]]))
(def line-colour "#cdcdcd")
(def alive "#666")
(def dead "#eee")
(def width (atom nil))
(def height (atom nil))
(def cell-size (atom nil))
(def canvas (.getElementById js/document "world"))
(def context (.getContext canvas "2d"))
(def prob 0.5)
(defn fill_sq [x y colour]
(let [cell-size @cell-size]
(set! (.-fillStyle context) colour)
(set! (.-strokeStyle context) line-colour)
(.fillRect context
(* x cell-size)
(* y cell-size)
(.strokeRect context
(* x cell-size)
(* y cell-size)
(def draw
(let [c (chan)]
(go (loop []
(let [[x y colour] (<! c)]
(<! (timeout 10))
(fill_sq x y colour)
(defn cell [[x y]]
(let [new-neighbor (chan)
input (chan)
neighbors #{}
initial-state (if (< (rand) prob) :alive :dead)]
(if (= initial-state :alive)
(fill_sq x y alive))
(go (loop [neighbor-count 0
state initial-state
neighbors neighbors]
(let [[val chan] (alts! [new-neighbor input])]
(cond (= chan new-neighbor)
(do (if (= state :alive)
(>! val 1))
(recur neighbor-count state (conj neighbors val)))
(let [neighbor-count (+ val neighbor-count)
new-state (if (or (= neighbor-count 3)
(and (= neighbor-count 2) (= state :alive)))
draw? (not= new-state state)
delta (if (= new-state :alive) 1 (- 1))
colour (if (= new-state :alive) alive dead)]
(if draw?
(do (doseq [n neighbors]
(>! n delta))
(>! draw [x y colour])))
(recur neighbor-count new-state neighbors))))))
[input new-neighbor]))
(defn neighbors [[x y] grid]
(filter (comp not nil?)
(for [dx [-1 0 1]
dy (if (zero? dx)
[-1 1]
[-1 0 1])]
(let [x' (+ dx x)
y' (+ dy y)]
(get grid [x' y'])))))
(defn draw-loop []
(let [xys (for [x (range @width)
y (range @height)]
[x y])
cells (zipmap xys (map cell xys))]
(doseq [[xy [input _]] cells]
(doseq [[_ nn] (neighbors xy cells)]
(>! nn input))))))
(defn ^:export init []
(set! (.-width canvas) (.-clientWidth canvas))
(set! (.-height canvas) (.-clientHeight canvas))
(reset! width 75)
(reset! cell-size (/ (.-clientWidth canvas) @width))
(reset! height (/ (.-clientHeight canvas) @cell-size))
(doseq [y (range @height)
x (range @width)]
(fill_sq x y dead))
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