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(Week 1) Nikema & Mike (As a user, I want to be able to navigate within the app)

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2. As a user, I want to be able to navigate within the app


react-router-dom has been added as a project dependency

✅ Click a link within the app to show a different view in the app

✅ When a link is clicked, the browser URL updates to represent the current view


Created the feature branch for this week

Nikema's Thoughts: I've had a break from coding and getting back to git felt a little intimidating. I had fun setting up this wiki page and adding the AC where we can see it easily. I've used the React router before but I don't remember anything about it so I'll be looking through the docs and old code before our pairing session tomorrow. We can do it


✅ Meeting at 1:00pm PST to pair

Mike, I made a commit. I gotta run out right now but I'll write about what I did and what I was thinking shortly.

-- Nikema


I went ahead and removed the boilerplate React stuff. I explained my thinking in the last commit.

-- Nikema

Thursday: -- Mike Looked over Nikema's commit.


-- Mike and Nikema

We talked about the commit and agreed that this is what we wanted to PR.

Created PR: Week 1 Nikema and Mike PR

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