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(Week 2) Monica & Nikema (As a user, I want to set up a new shopping list)

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Project Brief:

Our Story This Week:

Our PR:

A shopping list consists of a set of items associated with a user’s token. Tokens can be shared with other users to allow them to co-manage a given list. Creating a new list consists of the following:

✅ Generate a new unique token

✅ Save the token to localStorage

✅ Show the user the list view

The following script can be used to generate a suitable token:

local storage resources:

We meet today! I don't know where to start yet.

TODO: Create the branch for this story (done ✅)

Pairing Session (12/25)

  • We were able to import the token.js file to the project and generate a token that was displayed in a component.

Generate a new unique token

After our session, I went back and fixed a bug. The new component wasn't being imported. It was importing List.js twice. I pointed it out on a comment in the commit. (Nikema)

Ok, this is really cool. Check out our branch on codesandbox

Pairing (12/28)

We are running into a problem with calling the getToken function. We want to generate a token and save it to state. I know something is missing but I don’t know what. (fixed!)

I made a small change and a new commit. changes in last commit

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