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  1. safe

    All PHP functions, rewritten to throw exceptions instead of returning false

    PHP 893 22

  2. gotenberg

    A Docker-powered stateless API for converting HTML, Markdown and Office documents to PDF

    Go 829 30

  3. react-native-boilerplate

    A React Native project template for building solid applications through separation of concerns between the UI, state management and business logic.

    JavaScript 145 19

  4. phpstan-strict-rules

    A set of additional rules for PHPStan based on best practices followed at TheCodingMachine

    PHP 142 8

  5. docker-images-php

    A set of PHP Docker images

    Shell 109 14

  6. tdbm

    The Database Machine is a PHP ORM that requires no configuration. The object model is deduced from the database model.

    PHP 41 11

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