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WorkAdventure Map Starter Kit


This is a starter kit to help you build your own map for WorkAdventure.

To understand how to use this starter kit, follow the tutorial at


  • tilesets : All tilesets
  • public : Static files
  • src : All TypeScript/Javascript scripts
  • map.(json/tmj) : Map file
  • map.png : Image displayed on and on the map infos in-game

If you want to use more than one map file, just add the new map file in the root folder, your tilesets in the assets folder and a new script if you need it in the src folder (it will be automaticaly optimized in production).

If you are going to create custom websites to embed in the map, please reference the HTML files in the input option in vite.config.js.


Node.js version >=16


With npm installed (comes with node), run the following commands into a terminal in the root directory of this project:

npm install
npm run dev

Test optimized map

You can test the optimized map as you do in production:

npm run build
npm run preview


This project contains multiple licenses as follows:

About third party assets

If you add third party assets in your map, do not forget to:

  1. Credit the author and license with the "tilesetCopyright" property present in the properties of each tilesets in the map.json file
  2. Add the license text in LICENSE.assets