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* Make loader work for application/xhtml+xml served documents. Closes #95. [Pavel Sedek]
* Check for Windows Media plugin and RealPlayer plugin in Firefox on Windows to allow sound playback. Closes #36, #86. [Alexander Gavazov et al.]
* Remove dead code in effects.js. Closes #125. [Confusioner]
*V1.8.2* (November 18, 2008)
* Update to Prototype
* Make sure InPlaceEditor converts HTML entities to text. [Sean Kirby]
* Fix that Builder.node did not return extended elements on IE. Closes #71 and #77.
* Fix a bug in Sortable.destroy to make sure it's called on the referenced Sortable only, which allows for the correct intialization of nested Sortables. Closes Trac #8615. [Leon Chevalier]
* Change Effect.Base#render not to use eval(), so certain JavaScript runtime environments (like Adobe AIR) that do not support eval() work. [King Maxemilian, John-David Dalton]
* Fixed a calculation error in Effect.Transitions.pulse that could lead to flickering, add easing and change it to be a normal 0 to 1 transition that can be used with any effects; Effect.Pulsate now uses its own implementation. [Thomas Fuchs]
* Fixed Effect.ScrollTo. Changeset 8686 had a typo, document.viewport.getScrollOffsets[0] is always undefined. Removed the max check as it is not a cross-browser way to get scroll height and breaks the effect. Depending on scrollTo to do the right thing. Closes #11306. [Nick Stakenburg]
* Update version check so all Prototype versions can be required, not just x.x.x. Closes #10966. [Nick Stakenburg]
* Using $$ in the loader instead of getElementsByTagName to prevent limitations. Closes #9032. [Nick Stakenburg]
* Fix some missing semicolons. [jdalton]
* Fix an issue with Effect.ScrollTo that caused Firefox to scroll to the wrong offset in some situations. Closes #10245. [nik.wakelin]
* Fixes an issue with IE ghosting on non-absolute elements. Closes #10423. [Tanrikut, tdd]
*V1.8.1* (January 3, 2008)
* Fix Element#getStyles in IE. Closes #10563. [Tobie Langel]
* Update to Prototype as of 8551.
* Fix a regression with autocompleters not responding correctly to cursor keys on both Safari and IE. Closes #10107. [thx Zman771]
*V1.8.0* (November 6, 2007)
* Update to Prototype 1.6.0 final
* Ajax.InPlaceEditor now can deal with callbacks that return an object. Closes #10064. [tdd]
* Fix a potential problem with the loader and Firefox 2.0 on the Mac. Closes #9951. [awaters]
* Add duration and distance options to Effect.Shake. Closes #8637. [amiel, rmm5t]
* Update code to use new Hash implemention in Prototype 1.6. Update InPlaceEditor to use new Class.create syntax. [tdd]
*V1.8.0 preview 0* (October 12, 2007)
* Update to new Class.create syntax in Prototype 1.6; update to latest Prototype 1.6 trunk.
* Fix bottom CSS property reassignment and initialization in queues for Effect#SlideUp. Closes #7412, #7761.
* Fix an issue with String#parseStyle that could sometimes cause errors on Safari 2.
* Refactoring to use Prototype 1.6. Remove dependency of Effect.tagifyText from builder. Use Prototype code style rules more consistently.
* Remove the deprecated Effect2 namespace.
* Update to Prototype 1.6.0_rc0.
* Some effect code refactoring to take advantage of new Prototype 1.6 features.
* Effect.ScrollTo is now no longer a core effect (returns a Effect.Tween instance now).
* Add Effect.Tween, a new core effect. This effect tweens between two values and sets a property or calls a method on an object (including DOM elements); or allows for a callback method, which will be automatically bound to the object.
var whatever = { blech: 0 };
new Effect.Tween(whatever, 5, 0, 'blech'); // sets property on the object
new Effect.Tween('foo', 10, 20, 'innerHTML'); // sets property on the 'foo' DOM element
new Effect.Tween('foo', 10, 20, 'update'); // method call on 'foo' DOM element
new Effect.Tween('foo', 50, 0, { duration: 2.0 }, function(p){
this.setStyle({border:p.toFixed(3)+'px solid red'});
new Effect.Tween(null, 0, 100, function(p){ scrollTo(0,p) }); // scrolls the window
* Revert the workaround for the Firefox issue that makes autocompleter input field values be remembered correctly when the back button is hit to return to a page that contains autocompleted values, as this can cause "Are you sure you want to navigate away?" popups. Closes #8411. [okada]
* Improve the way deactivating the active droppable is handled. Closes #9072. [Karsten Sperling]
* Next version will be 1.8.0. Update to Prototype 1.6.0_pre1.
* Make draggable initialization faster. Closes #8697. [ssinghi]
* Make BDD-style testing compatible with IE6 and IE7. Closes #8972. [steveluscher]
* Add BDD methods to booleans. Closes #9147. [steveluscher]
* Add support for full CSS inheritance in Effect.Morph. Closes #9054. [Tobie]
IMPORTANT: Note that this could potentially change the outcome of classname-based morphs, so be sure to check your morph effects if you use this feature.
For this feature, the new method Element#getStyles is introduced, which returns an objects which properties correspond to the CSS properties found in Element.CSS_PROPERTIES. Note that this method doesn't work seemlessly across browsers for certain non-measurable CSS properties, such as float.
* Add the externalControlOnly option to the in-place editors to allow for external controls to exclusively trigger the in-place editing. Closes #9024. [tdd]
* Complete rewrite of Ajax.InPlaceEditor and Ajax.InPlaceCollectionEditor. [tdd]
Be sure to properly test, especially if you're using multi-line editing and/or monkeypatching.
Read more about all the added goodness in this article:
* Update to Prototype 1.5.2_rc0 r7076:
- Works around bugs in Safari 1 and Safari 2 Regexp engines that could cause crashes
- Fixes a rendering issue with opacity-based effects and floating elements on Safari
* Mild refactoring of sound.js to take advantage of new Prototype features.
* Add highlight element method as a shortcut to Effect.Highlight.
* Improve performance of String.prototype.parseStyle by caching the dummy element used.
* Add combined effects as element methods.
$('message').appear().update('Oh noes!');
$('login').shake({ duration: 2 });
* Add Effect.Transitions.spring, which simulates a spring which oscillates while coming to rest. This transition is specifically targeted towards use with Effect.Move, for example as a reverteffect when using Draggables, as it will have return values >1 and cause temporary "overshooting" of the effect. Closes #8474. [edg2s]
* Fix effects initialization if no options are given. Fixes #7809. [thx Kroc Camen]
* Fix incorrect placement on drop for absolute ghosting elements. Update to Prototype 1.5.2_rc0 r6955 (required for #8581). Closes #8581. [tdd]
* Make sure the autocompletion happens on the token where the cursor is, not the last token when using tokenized autocompleting text fields. Closes #8588. [tdd]
* Fix that non-Mozilla browsers would display messages with the autocompleter back-button fix introduced in 1.7.1 beta 2. Fixes #7752, #8411. [josh, stetz]
*V1.7.1 beta 3* (May 19, 2007)
* Update to Prototype 1.5.1 final
* New elements and handles options for Sortable.create which take arrays of elements or element ids. These overrule the normal handle and elements finding options on initialization of the sortable, and can yield huge performance increases in situations where these elements or ids are known at call time. [Thomas Fuchs]
* Major performance improvement of Sortable.create when using the handle option. [Tobie Langel]
* Fix Builder.node double quote escaping in attributes, fixes #8125. [Aa!]
*V1.7.1 beta 2* (April 28, 2007)
* Update to Prototype 1.5.1_rc4
- Various optimizations and fixes
* Fix autocompleter indicator not appearing when calling activate() directly. Don't show indicator for local autocompleting. Fixes #7770. [pyro8019]
* Don't clear out autocompleting fields in Mozilla-based browsers when navigating back to a page with the Back button, fixes #7752. [seanc]
*V1.7.1 beta 1* (March 12, 2007)
* Update to Prototype 1.5.1 r6386
- Fixes SlideUp/SlideDown on IE
- Fixes an opacity problem with IE
- Performance optimizations
- See for more information
* Make builder unit tests work on IE
* Fix id assignment for sounds on Firefox/Windows, fixes #7709 [Robert Wallis]
* Add Sound.enable() and Sound.disable() to globally turn off
* Added,options) in new sound.js file. scriptaculous.js automatically includes this file.
Based on code by Jules Gravinese, used with permission.
The sound player uses native sound support on IE, and falls back to using <embed> on other browsers,
which means it uses QuickTime for most cases. The recommended format to use is MP3.
// --> plays sound immediately in 'global' track'blah.mp3',{replace:true});
// --> stop playing all sounds in 'global' track, and play new sound'blah.mp3',{track:'mytrack'});
// --> places the sound in the 'mytrack' track'blah.mp3',{track:'mytrack',replace:true});
// --> stop playing all sounds in 'mytrack' track, and play new sound
The sound effect used in the functional test is "Sword being drawn" by James Greever, released as freeware.
* Various effects engine optimizations [Tobie Langel, Thomas Fuchs]
* Make Ajax.InPlaceEditor more customizable: [thx godlie]
- Add an okLink option to Ajax.InPlaceEditor so you can have a link instead of a button. Uses the 'editor_ok_link' CSS class for styling, fixes #6455
- Add an cancelButton option to Ajax.InPlaceEditor, uses the 'editor_cancel_button' CSS class
- Add textBefore-, textBetween- and textAfterControls (which default to empty strings)
- For consistency, cancel link now also gets 'editor_cancel_link' CSS class
* Add an onDropped callback to Draggables, that fires at the end of a drag when the Draggable was dropped on a Droppable
* Add revert: 'failure' option to Draggables to only revert if not dropped on a valid drop target, fixes #6909 [davidw]
* Update to new Prototype Browser detection
* Fix a memory leak with Effect.Morph in Firefox, fixes #7558 [Malard]
* Add ability to nest single nodes in Builder.node in addition to arrays of nodes.
var element = Builder.node('div', Builder.node('span','blah'));
var element = DIV(SPAN('blah'));
*V1.7.0* (January 19, 2007)
* Cleanups for Effect.Morph
* Monkeypatch Prototype 1.5.0 to incorporate [6002], fixes setStyle({opacity:0}) for IE
* Fix Effect.inspect() for Prototype 1.5.0 final hash changes
* Update to Prototype 1.5.0 final
* New option keepBackgroundImage: true for Effect.Highlight, fixes #5037 [docwhat, tomg]
* Minor tweaks for issues with application/xhtml+xml documents on Firefox, fixes #6836 [sjinks]
* Fix a possible exception with Sortables, fixes #6828 [craiggwilson]
* Update to Prototype 1.5.0_rc2 revision [5844] (as of Rails 1.2 RC 2)
*V1.7.0 beta 2* (December 18, 2006)
* Change the default setting for effects to support up to 60fps, if renderable by the browser. Add performance info to effects unit test.
* Change get/setOpacity to use Prototype's new support for cross-browser opacity.
* Update to Prototype 1.5.0_rc2 revision [5741], which fixes some of the reported issues with beta 1 (see Prototype's CHANGELOG for more):
* Opera 9, while not officially supported, should work now with Prototype and
* Fixes issue with Safari when using Prototype's Ajax helpers with HTTP authorization
* Add hash and CSS className support to Effect.Morph, fixes #6674 [Tobie]
// will morph to all the properties specified
// in .className (in your external stylesheet).
// All properties which cannot be morphed (such as font-style)
// will be applied AfterFinish
$(element).morph('font-size: 10px') // or
$(element).morph({fontSize: '10px'}) // will morph the font-size to 10px
*V1.7.0 beta 1* (November 21, 2006)
* Add Element.morph() and Element.Methods.morph() as a shortcut to Effect.Morph
// basic Effect.Morph
// fade out after a while
* Update to Prototype 1.5.0_rc2 revision [5580]
* Add a paramName option to the inplace editor for overriding the default parameter name of "value"
* Add Effect.Transform that generates parallel executing Effect.Morph sets
// set up transformation
var transformation = new Effect.Transform([
{ 'div.morphing': 'font-size:20px;padding-left:40em' },
{ 'blah' : 'width:480px;border-width:10px;border-right-width:20px;margin:200px;margin-bottom:-20px;font-size:30px' }
],{ duration: 0.5 });
// play transformation (can be called more than once);
* Add Effect.Morph core effect that morphs to a given CSS style rule. Effect.Morph does take orginal styles given by CSS style rules or the style attribute into consideration when calculating the transforms. It works with all length and color based CSS properties, including margins, paddings, borders, opacity and text/background colors.
new Effect.Morph('mydiv',{
style: 'font-size:3em;color:#f00;border-width:2em',
duration: 2.0
*V1.6.5* (November 8, 2006)
* Update to Prototype 1.5.0_rc1 revision [5462]
* Support the HTML 'for' attribute in Builder by using 'htmlFor', fixes #6472 [gjones, tdd]
var node = Builder.node('label', { htmlFor: 'myinput' });
* Add support to run a specific failing unit test by clicking on the corresponding test result, fixes #6290 [leeo]
* Add modifier key support to Event.simulateMouse, fixes #6391 [savetheclocktower]
* Add rails-trunk update task, clean up references to MIT license
* Add new 'with-last' queue position option to queue effects to occur in parallel with the last effect to start in the queue
* Add new special core effect Effect.Event for one-shot events that follow timelines defined by effect queues
new Effect.Event({ afterFinish:function(){
// do some code here
}, position: 'end' });
* Do some refactoring to make use of Prototype 1.5 functionalities and save LOC
* Fix an possible crash of IE on Effect.SlideUp, fixes #3192 [thx nel]
* Add to create nodes from strings containing HTML, [DHH]
var node ="<p>this is <b>neat!</b></p>");
* Add a pulses parameter to Effect.Pulsate to control the amount of pulses, fixes #6245 [leeo]
For example, Effect.Pulsate('d8', {pulses: 2}) would pulsate twice. If the option is not given, it defaults to five pulses.
* Fix an issue with clicking on a slider span resulting in an exception, fixes #4707 [thx sergeykojin]
* Fix an issue with Draggables when no options are supplied, fixes #6045 [thx tdd]
*V1.6.4* (September 6, 2006)
* Hotfix IE issues with patched Prototype V1.5.0_rc1
*V1.6.3* (September 5, 2006)
* Update Prototype to V1.5.0_rc1
* Merge assertElementsMatch and assertElementMatches from Prototype's [4986] unittest.js [Sam Stephenson]
* Update Prototype to revision [4930]
* Fix various issues with IE detection and Opera, and setOpacity, fixes #3886, #5973
* Make Sortable.serialize handle DOM IDs like "some_element_1" correctly, fixes #5324
* Add assertRespondsTo and shouldRespondTo assertions
* Add experimental alternate syntax for unit tests (Behaviour Driven Development-style)
* Add support for onStart, onDrag and onEnd events directly on Draggables (invoked from the Draggables.notify), fixes #4747 [thx scriptkitchen]
* Add element shortcuts to Builder that can be activated by calling Builder.dump() (see the unit test), fixes #4260 [thx napalm]
* Fix selection of correct option in SELECT element generated by InPlaceCollectionEditor for indexed option arrays, fixes #4789 [thx steve]
* Add autoSelect option to Autocompleters to auto select an entry if only one is returned, fixes #5183 [thx cassiano dandrea]
* Added delay option to Draggables and Sortables, see test/functional/dragdrop_delay_test.html for usage, implements #3325 [thx lsimon, tomg]
* Remove revert cache code obsoleted by #4706, fixes #3436 (again) [thx tomg]
* Fix autoscrolling inside scrollable containers when window is scrolled too, fixes #5200 [thx wseitz]
* Make Effect.Puff work correctly for floating elements, fixes #3777 [thx michael hartl]
* Add version and timestamp to indvidual library files for easier identification (the files are preprocessed by the Rake fresh_scriptaculous task), fixes #3015 [thx Tobie]
* Add assertIndentical and assertNotIdentical unit test assertions, which test for equality and common type, fixes #5822 [thx glazedginger]
* Add integration test for Ajax autocompleter for results with no linebreaks, #4149
* Fix an issue with redrawing ghosted draggables that are inside a scrolled container, fixes #3860 [thx gkupps, tsukue]
* Added a custom exception to all base effects when used on non-existing DOM elements, added a assertRaise method to unit tests
* Fix autoscrolling when dragging an element unto a scrollable container, fixes #5017 [thx tomg]
* Fix a condition where overriding the endeffect on Draggables without overriding the starteffect too leads to a Javascript error [thx Javier Martinez]
* Fix a possible error with the drag/drop logic (affects the solution to #4706)
* Fix a problem in the drag and drop logic if an reverting/drag ending draggable was initialized for a new drag (for example by clicking repeatedly) for all cases where the default start/revert/end-effects are used, fixes #4706 [thx tecM0]
* Fix possible memory leaks with Draggables, fixes #3436 [thx aal]
* Throw nicer errors when requires libraries are not loaded, fixes #5339
* Make slider handles work when not displayed initially by using CSS width/height, fixes #4011 [thx foysavas]
* Update sortable functional test with onUpdate counter
* Make more Element extensions unit tests work on Safari
* Add the assertMatch unit test assertion for asserts with RegExps [thx Ian Tyndall]
* Fix a problem with Effect.Move causing "jumping" elements because of very low float numbers in some situations
* Fix a missing semicolon in dragdrop.js, fixes #5569 [thx mackalicious]
* Fix a slight inaccuracy with Effect.Scale that could lead the scaling to be one pixel off
* Be more prototypish with Effect.Transitions.linear
* Make Effect.Scale recognize font sizes that use the pt unit, fixes #4136 [thx aljoscha]
* Fix IE hack in Effect.Opacity, fixes #5444 [thx nicholas]
* Fix IFRAME layout fix for IE and Autocompleter, fixes #5192 [thx tommy skaue]
* Fix only option in onEmptyHover, fiex #5348 [thx glenn nilsson]
* Fix Effect.BlindDown and SwitchOff handling of supplied callbacks, fixes #5089 [thx martinstrom]
* Fix a problem with field focus on Ajax.InPlaceEditor and loading external text, fixes #4988, #5244 [thx rob]
* Do not attempt to scroll if scrollspeed is 0/0, fixes #5035 [thx tomg]
* Fix a problem with Sortable Tree serialization, fixes #4939, #4688, #4767 [thx Sammi Williams]
* Fix an endless loop with sliders, fixes #3226, #4051, #4765 [thx jeff]
* Make autocompleter work with update DIVs that have scrollbars, fixes #4782 [thx Tommy Skaue]
* Corrected options parsing on switchoff effect, fixes #4710 [thx haldini]
* Update to Prototype 1.5.0_rc0
* Add Draggable object as third parameter to snap, fixes #4074 [thx mdaines]
* Fix an IE flicker with SlideUp/SlideDown, fixes #3774, [thx sbbowers]
* Add parsing/setting of any currently set opacity CSS rule to default opacity effect on draggables, fixes #3682 [thx Mike A. Owens]
* Added prototype $() performance patch from #4477 and updated effects.js to new Element.addMethods() syntax
* Sortable trees [thx Sammi Williams,]
- Added functional test (test/functional/sortable_tree_test.html)
- removed greedy option
- modified the way works - added affected list
- added Droppables.findDeepestChild
- modified Sortable.options to work for trees
- modified Sortable.onEmptyHover with additional logic to insert
the element at a certain place according to the overlap
- modified Sortable.onHover to avoid DOM Exceptions
- modified Sortable.create to support the creation of Sortable trees
- added two convenience functions - Sortable.findElements and
- Added Sortable.tree (and a number of private functions to facilitate it)
Returns a tree structure:
var root = {
id: null,
parent: null,
children: <children>,
container: <sortable element>,
var child = {
parent: <node>,
children: <array>,
id: <string> (as per options.format),
element: <element>,
container: <element>,
position: <integer>
This is intended to become part of the public API, and can be used to manipulate
the tree programatically.
- Modified Sortable.serialize to use Sortable.tree when set in the options.
* Fix a problem with window scrolling on draggables [thx Gregory Hill]
* Let the benchmark method return the time taken in ms, so it can be used for time-based assertions
* Fix problem with id-based handle names and draggables
* More Element.childrenWithClassName optimization
* Added benchmark method to unittest.js; some cleaning up of unit tests
* Add fix for IE memory leaks in included prototype.js from [4094]
* Major speedup for sortable with handles initialization [thx Jamis Buck]
* Update to latest Prototype 1.5.0_pre1 trunk
* Add functional "random effects" test, also for browser compatibility testing
* Fix two typos introduced with the 1.5 Methods syntax update
* Add functional test for $$-triggered effects with .visualEffect
* Fix shift-tab for autocompleter in Safari, fixes #4423 [thx matt]
* Prepare for 1.6, add Prototype 1.5 requirement and check that Element.Methods is available in the scriptaculous loader
* Refactor effects.js to use the new Prototype 1.5 Element Methods syntax
* Update to latest Prototype 1.5.0_pre0 trunk
* Fix a problem with the draggable window scrolling code and scrolling inside overflow containers
* Add passing through of scroll options from Sortable to Draggable [thx Gregory Hill]
* Make it possible to scroll window on dragging, #3921 [thx rdmiller]
* Make Element.forceRerendering give up on any exception (this fixes various problems with IE)
* added visualEffect method for the Element Mixin, fixed so you can chain multiple calls. [Rick Olson]
* Fix only option on Sortable.create to accept multiple class names, fixes #3427 [thx glenn nilsson]
* Added workaround for a rendering bug in Safari when using floating elements with Effect.Appear
* Update lib/prototype.js to Prototype 1.5.0_pre0
* Change version number to V1.5.3, prepare Rakefile
* Remove unneeded height restoring in Effect.BlindDown as that is handled internally by the restoreAfterFinish option to Effect.Scale, fixes #3667 [thx Ross Lawley]
* Added Ajax.InPlaceCollectionEditor which uses a SELECT element instead of a text field (see test/functional/ajax_inplacecollectioneditor_test.html for usage), #3491 [thx anna]
* Enable in place editor to use RJS (implements a new evalScripts option for the in place editor), #3490 [thx Richard Livsey]
* Added Sortable.setSequence to programmatically reorder a Sortable, #3711 [thx Mike A. Owens]
* Added unit test for #3732 (currently fails due to Prototype #3877) [thx michal]
* Fix span positioning for sliders with ranges not starting at 0, fixes #3731 [thx michal]
* Make name option on Sortable.serialize work again, fixes #3873
* Make dragging cancel only on ESC key, not on any key, fixes #3817
* Fix Rakefile for V1.5.2
* Change version number to V1.5.2
* Fix a wrong parameter in dragdrop.js, fixes #3555
* Fix two typos in effects.js, fixes #3481 [thx jtolds]
* Add assertEnumEqual for unit testing (from Prototype SVN trunk) [Sam Stephenson]
* Add Sortable.sequence method to extract the current sequence of a Sortable as an array, fixes #3675 [thx sphivo]
* Add limit option to effect queues to limit the maximum number of effects in a queue, new unit tests for scoped effect queues, fixes #3498 [thx Abdur-Rahman Advany]
* Fix Element.collectTextNodesIgnoreClass to correctly filter child nodes, fixes #3380 [thx lam]
* Fix a condition where OPTION elements could cause unwanted dragging on Draggables, fixes #3441 [thx tom]
* Fix a crash because of an IE bug in Effect.SlideDown, fixes #3192 [thx Rob Mayhew]
* Added experimental auto-scroll option to Draggables and Sortables, activate with scroll: 'id_of_scroll_container_element'.
Note: needs testing, call syntax might change
See test/functional/dragdrop3_test.html for usage/demo
* Added activate method to Autocompleter that allows you to trigger the suggestions through other means than user input [DHH]
* Add select option to Autocompleter to optionally use textnodes from elements with a specific CSS class (see test/functional/ajax_autocompleter_test.html for usage)
* In-place editor: add ok/cancel visibility options and onblur() submission, fixes #3233 [thx pulsation]
Note: currently, blur form submission breaks the cancel link functionality, if enabled
* Added Effect.toggle for slide, blind and appear/fade effects, fixes #2704 [thx Azad]
* Added selective component loading to scriptaculous.js, see test/unit/loading_test.html for usage [thx David Zülke]
* Added local/scoped effect queues [thx David Zülke]
* New core effect Effect.Move that can do absolute/relative movement [thx David Zülke]
* Make default effects options modifyable globally by setting Effect.DefaultOptions
* Make Draggables recognize top/left CSS properties defined in an external stylesheet, fixes #3205 [thx ansonparker]
* Fixed draggables starting to drag even if mouse button was released with no movement, [thx topfunky]
* Updated the README to reflect final status
* Prepared for V1.5.0 final
* Update lib/prototype.js to Prototype 1.4.0 final
* Update lib/prototype.js to Prototype 1.4.0_rc4
* Fix Effect.SlideDown/SlideUp on Internet Explorer, includes a change to Effect.Scale, (should) fix #2962 and others, [thx wyldeone]
* Make Draggables that are reverting cancel the default revert effect when they are dragged again while reverting, fixes #3188, [thx maverick]
* Fix a problem with a wrong reference in Effect.Pulsate, fixes #3184, [thx cyx_]
* Fix Sortable.findElements for XHTML in Gecko, fixes #3081, [thx fgnass]
* Fix a problem with the slider getting NaN results when clicking directly on the track, fixes #3020, [thx rectalogic]
* Fix a problem with Safari not doing sub-pixel rendering when setting opacity to 1 with Element.setOpacity
* Fix slider to make handle width/height count for track length, fixes #3040, fixes #3017, [thx buggedcom]
* Added Basic unit test for Effect.inspect
* Fix Effect.multiple to deal correctly with delays
* Safeguard Effect.Base.render to only do updates when Effect is in running state, fixes #2912
* Added inspect method to Effect.Base
* Added functional test for DOM-based UL sortables #3016
* Added offset option to Effect.ScrollTo
* More effects.js/dragdrop.js refactoring
* Refactoring and optimizations for effects (not complete yet)
* Refactoring and optimizations for Draggables/Droppables/Sortables (not complete yet)
* Make Droppables.remove accept DOM IDs in addition to elements
* Added some unit tests for drag and drop
* Update lib/prototype.js to Prototype 1.4.0_rc3
* Make 'contents' a synonym for 'content' on Effect.Scale scaleMode option
* Fix some possible exceptions in slider.js
* Support for various snapping options on Draggables, adresses #2826, [thx saimonmoore]
* Support horizontal ghostable Sortables, fixes #2794, [thx johnm]
* Prevent an exception on IE with a functional test, see #2706
* Add functional testing of hoverclasses for sortables
* Add an assert for correct UTF-8 return chars in Autocompleter
* Correct IE detection in Autocompleter for Opera, fixes #2558 [thx gary]
* Add onDrag callback to Draggable observers, #2827 [thx saimonmoore]
* Added Form.Element.DelayedObserver to controls.js for live-search fields
* Remove Element.Class in favour of Prototype Element.ClassNames, new function Element.childrenWithClassName()
* Update Copyright notice in slider.js
* Fix slider firing onChange events to eagerly on dragging a handle [thx wombert]
* Fix a problem with Start/End spans and single handles
* Add event property to Slider object so that callbacks can determine if setValue originated from a UI event or from script
* Fix Builder.node() throwing unresolved errors in IE6, #2707 [thx flwombat]
* Give currently active handle on slider the "selected" CSS class
* Add start and end spans to slider
* Make track clickable for sliders (moves last active handle [or first handle] to nearest possible position)
* Make initial values on slider work for single and multiple handle sliders
* Abort Effect.Highlight on elements which have display:none set (prevents problem with Safari)
* Make Effect.Queue an Enumerable, fix a problem with Effect.Grow, more unit tests
* Added restricted option to prevent moved of handles prior/after adjacent handles on Sliders with multiple handles
* Update lib/prototype.js to Prototype 1.4.0_rc2
* Fix a bug with wrongly scrolling to the page top in Ajax.InPlaceEditor (circumvents various browser bugs) [Jon Tirsen], #2616
* major slider refactoring, changed slider range to default to [0,1]. Slider Range can be set with range:$R(from,to) option. The increment option is not active for now.
* Added spans support for Control.Slider to mark spans bordered by slider handles, see unit test [thx to for sponsoring this functionality]
* Added preliminary support for optional multiple handles to Control.Slider [thx to for sponsoring this functionality]
* Fixed wrong inclusion of libs in inplace editor functional test
* Fixed Effect.SlideDown/SlideUp to honor refactoring of Effect.Scale, fixes #2523 [thx obiwanki]
* Reset the zIndex on Draggables correctly, #2483 [thx Jon Whitcraft]
* Fix onChange callback on Sortables when dragging between sortables, #2488 [thx Dylan Greene]
* Removed Builder code from effects.js, removed Object.debug (implemented as Test.Unit.inspect)
* Added slider unit tests, fixed handling of values to autocalculate min/max, fixed upper/lower boundaries on setting the value programmatically
* Synced to Rails 1.0 release candidate, update to Prototype 1.4.0_rc1, removed util.js, merged rests of util.js into effects.js to prepare for refactoring
* Give Builder it's own file
* Fix a logic issue with Autocompleter [thx tshinnic], #2457
* Make Effect position available to callbacks
* send event to onDrop callback [François Beausoleil], #2389
* InPlaceEditor: Add disabling the field while loadTextURL loads and add a class while loading, plus fix various bugs with Internet Explorer and InPlaceEditor, [Jon Tirsen] #2302, #2303
* Made Droppables.remove work again [thx Mindaugas Pelionis], #2409
* Fixed that IE6 would incorrectly render the "fix-windowed-elements-overlapping" IFRAME on autocompletion [thx tshinnic], #2403
* Fixed Element.getOpacity throwing an error on Safari in some situations (this caused the autocompleter not to work)
* Added format option to Sortable.create and Sortable.serialize to allow custom id formats. The format option takes a regular expression where the first grouping that matches is used for building the parameters. The default format is /^[^_]*_(.*)$/ which matches the string_identifier format. If you want to use the full id of the elements, use "format: /(.*)/". More examples are available in the sortable unit test file.
* Started refactorings to use the new Prototype features and general code-cleanup
* Update lib/prototype.js to Prototype 1.4.0_pre11
* Fixed a typo breaking the up arrow key for autocompletion [thx tshinnic], #2406
* Changed the handle option on Draggbles to accept classnames, or ids or elements [thx to Andrew West], #2274
* Force indicator to be hidden on hiding autocompletion update element, #2342
* Make Draggables honor external CSS positioning [thx to Mark Shawkey], #2359
* Make zindex handling for Draggables honor external CSS styles
* Fix two Sortable.serialize issues, [thx Avi, Gorou], #2339, #2357
* Make Element.getOpacity work with IE, added unit tests [thx to Greg Hill]
* Make Element.setOpacity honor non-alpha filters on IE (it now works with filters for alpha PNGs)
* Fixed that Element.class.remove wrongly deleted spaces between class names, fixes #2311, #2313
* Fixed Builder for OPTION and OPTGROUP tags on Firefox < 1.5 and Internet Explorer 6, completely fixes #2325
* Improved Builder implementation to deal with Firefox-specific requirements and innerHTML parsing, partly fixes #2325
* Update lib/prototype.js to corrected Prototype 1.4.0_pre7 (fixed a problem with IE)
* Update lib/prototype.js to Prototype 1.4.0_pre7
* Reverted to patched version of Prototype 1.4.0_pre4 for the time being (getResponseHeader problem on Mozilla)
* Attempt to fix crashes in Safari 2.0.1, probably related to the event registering und unregistering in Draggables, possibly fixes #2310
* Update lib/prototype.js to Prototype 1.4.0_pre6
* Changed effects_test.html functional test to incoporate Firefox anti-flicker overflow:hidden CSS property
* Prepared Rakefile and README for V1.5.0_rc1 release
* Droppables w/greedy and hoverclass are now reverted when dragged item is no longer over them, fixes #2184
* Let Effect.Highlight correctly parse IE colors, add String.prototype.parseColor() for this, fixes #2037
* Fix Effect.Highlight to restore background image only if there was one
* Made Effect.tagifyText work again on IE
* Added String.prototype.toArray because Strings aren't iterable on IE
* Fixed Element.getOpacity falsely returning 0 on IE
* Some cleaning up in util.js
* Cleaned up Effect.Opacity
* Removed useless line in
* Make scriptaculous.js work if a query strings are used when calling it
* Fixed typos in slider.js and the functional test
* Fixed a bug with Safari and the InPlaceEditor with form submission. Add support for interpreting simple <br>s into linebreaks. [Jon Tirsen]
* New Control.Slider() for horizontal and vertical sliders [Marty Haught]
* Fixed autoapplying a 'layout' on IE with Effect.Opacity not working for elements given as id string
* Make Effect.Parallel render final frames and call beforeFinish/afterFinish on included effects
* Make Element.setOpacity work correctly again (browser-specific extensions, except for IE, are disabled at this time)
* Added focusing the text field or text area created when using Ajax.InPlaceEditor #2126 [thx to Lee Mallabone]
* Fixed Element.Class.childrenWith not returning the correct elements #2120 [cmees AT rogers DOT com]
* Added MIT-LICENSE header to scriptaculous.js, cut back on license info in other libs to keep files smaller
* Fix issues with form elements inside draggables not clickable with Firefox #2129
* Fixed an error in dragdrop.js with Draggables when no Droppables are defined
* Fixed an issue with Element.makePositioned causing Effect.SlideDown to fail on Safari
* Make effects "stateless" by cleaning up after finish of effect #2133 [agr30 AT uni-koeln DOT de]
* Add "internal" events to effects, to make them more easily extendable [Martin Bialasinski]
* Set container element height to auto on finishing Effect.BlindDown und Effect.SlideDown #2123 [Tony Arnold]
* Fixed a weird char in dragdrop.js
* Controls.js Autocompleter.Base.updateElement() hook #2116 [Rob Wills]
* Refactoring to use the Prototype enumerable extensions
* Update to Prototype 1.4.0_pre4
* Added a queue option to effects for easy stacking and simple timeline building. Valid values are "front", "end" and "parallel" (default), see for test/functional/effects_queue_test.html for usage
* Added a setup function to the core effects that gets called by Effect.Base when first entering into running state, which allows them to query the current state of an element or other page properties when queuing and/or delays are used
* Added a state instance variable to Effect.Base that indicates whether a effect that uses the queue is idle, running or finished
* Fixed a flicker with Effect.Puff
* General code cleaning to get rid of (legitimate) Mozilla strict javascript warnings
* Changes to assertVisible in unittest.js
* Slight refactoring of Effect.Text, now known as Effect.multiple(), change first parameter to also accept an array of strings or elements, or a NodeList of elements (if a single element or a string is given, defaults to $('element').childNodes)
* Made tagifyText work with IE. defaults to a style of "position: relative; zoom:1;" for the created SPAN wrappers. It also replaces spaces with non-breakable spaces. These sit-ups are required to work around problems with rendering elements with the proprietary IE "layout" and non-quirksmode documents.
* Add a break to scriptaculous.js when the includes are done [thx to Danilo Celic]
* Fixed a problem with the Autocompleter when hitting ESC would select the entry in IE and redisplay the entries box in Safari
* Fixed that the onDrop callback on Droppables didn't receive the dopped element as second parameter
* Make check for correct Prototype version on loading
* Changed implementation of Builder to an innerHTML-based approach to make it work with IE6 (note: removed special "style" handling for now)
* Changed non-sync Effects to use a common setInterval call for better timing and page update speeds. See the new Effect.Queue object.
* Fixed a problem with setting opacity in Effect.Opacity to very small values
* Changed the implemention of Effect.Base to use setInterval
* Set version number to 1.5_pre4_trunk
* Added experimental Effect.Text function that allows to start delayed text effects, see test/functional/texteffects_test.html.
* Added experimental Effect.tagifyText(element) which wraps an elements text nodes characters in relatively positioned span elements
* Added "delay" option to Effect.Base to start an effect only after a specified delay
* Finetuning unittest.js + even more unit tests
* Added support for Firefox and Konqueror automatic unit testing on Linux [Michael Schuerig]
* Added basic unit test files for Effects, updated unit testing tests
* Fix typo in lib/prototype.js fix in R2069 (whoops)
* Added unit test for Position.clone
* Made the Postition.cumulative override recognize KHTML and AppleWebKit
* Fix the "hide form controls" iframe fix on the Autocompleter on Internet Explorer
* More positioning fixes, expanded Element.clone [thx to Michael Schuerig]
* Fixed some JavaScript warnings about redeclared vars [Courtenay]
* Fixed a problem with autocompleting update divs not correctly positioned inside positioned elements [thx to Jonathan Feinberg]
* Workaround for a Safari bug on absolutely positioned children of the BODY element
* Added test/run_functional_test.html to more easily find your way around in the functional tests
* Fixed some missing var declarations in effects.js
* Support for automatic unit testing on IE/Win [Jon Tirsen]
* Added loading the text for the Ajax.InPlaceEditor from the server, more CSS support [Richard Livsey, Jon Tirsen]
* Made builder_test.html unit test work with Safari, fixed (one of two) caching issues with javascripttest.rb, added ajax_autocompleter_test.html to Rakefile unittests
* Fixed Element.Class getting false matches on class names like classA-foobar, added unit tests [Martin Bialasinski]
* Added a test to evluate the Fade/Appear effects across browsers and elements (test/functional/effects6_test.html)
* Framework for completely self-running in-browser unit tests on Mac OS X (try "rake unittest") [Jon Tirsen]
* Updates to Ajax.InPlaceEditor (Highlighting, Ajax options, more) [Jon Tirsen]
* Made event registering on Draggables happen per drag for improved performance [thx to Cathy]
* Moved Element.collectTextNodesIgnoreClass to util.js (preparation for refactoring)
* Made sortable onChange option work again
* Fixed a bug with Sortables resulting in wrong result when using Sortable.serialize with onUpdate on ghostly Sortables [thx Richard Livsey, Caleb Buxton]
* Changed version number in scriptaculous.js to 1.5_pre3
* Moved setting focus in Autocompleter to updateElement function to make it overridable [Brian Palmer]
* Added special handling for style attributes to Builder [Michael Schuerig]
* Changed opacity=1.0 check back to be inline with its original (pre 1.5) implementation to prevent flickering in Firefox < 1.1 on opacity-based effects (this also fixes flickering with drag-and-drop, sortable lists and autocompleting text fields). Note that this potentially breaks correct colors in some situations. [thx to David Zülke]
* Automatically deactivate browser built-in autocompletion on autocompleting textfields, fixes part of Rails #1824.
* Fixed a problem with Ajax.InPlaceEditor causing a JavaScript exception on Safari [thx to Patrick Lenz]
* Fixed a weird character in dragdrop.js, added check to allow empty containers on Sortables (useful with dropOnEmpty option) [thx to Dave Strus]
* Added unit test runner file test/run_unit_tests.html, new unit test files must be listed in test/unit/index.html
* Added unit tests for Prototype string functions
* Prepared README for V1.5.0_pre1
* Added a main scriptaculous.js file to load in the other libraries transparently:
<script src="path/to/prototype.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="path/to/scriptaculous.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
in the HEAD section of an HTML file is now all that's needed to include all of the libraries,
given that they all can be accessed by the same path as scriptaculous.js is.
* Fixed possible problem with greedy Droppables when using the dropOnEmpty option on Sortable.create
* Added new CSS/background color features to Ajax.InPlaceEditor [Jon Tirsen]
* Added unit test for Autocompleter, first Version
* Added Event.simulateKey/s to unittest.js. Note that due to a bug in Firefox this will only work with Firefox up to v1.0.4 (see
* Fixed a condition where standard a href=xxx links wouldn't work in autocomplete results. These do now, the onclick event is not cancelled. [thx to Jasper Slits]
* Fix showing ghosting marker only on ghosting Sortables
* Some more Builder stuff, expanded builder unit tests
* Moved stuff that didn't belong into specific libs into util.js; util.js is now required for all libs
* Corrected weirdness in unittest.js
* Added dropOnEmpty option to Sortables to allow dropping on empty lists (see test/functional/sortable3_test.html)
* Changed algoritm for drag/drop position setting
* Changed workaround for class attributes (fixes a Firefox 1.0 error) from klass to className to be more Javascriptesque [thx to Martin Bialasinski]
* Fixed a typo in ajax_inplaceeditor_test.html
* Updated Rakefile to add unittest.js and util.js to the package
* Added util.js which contains various utlity functions and extensions to Prototype
* Major restructuring
* Added TEXTAREA support to Ajax.InPlaceEditor [Sanford Barr]
* Added Ghost Train alpha 0.1.0. See ghosttrain/test.html.
* More features for Ajax.InPlaceEditor [Jon Tirsen]
* Tweaks to unittest.css [Thomas Fuchs]
* Refactoring and new features in unittest.js [Thomas Fuchs] [Jon Tirsen]
* Fixed a wrong variable reference in Effect.Scale
* Fix Element.makePositioned to recognize the 'static' position
* Allow to choose the parameter name for Ajax.Autocompleter [Cameron Braid]
* Changed resolving indicator DOM element more flexibility [Cameron Braid]
* Fixed a reference in Ajax.InPlaceEditor
* Added contributors to unittest.js
* Souped-up Ajax.InPlaceEditor, added support for a form id and specifying all the texts through options [Jon Tirsen]
* Make unit testing look good [Michael Schuerig]
* Changed default revert duration for Draggables to distance-dependent algorithm [suggested by San]
* Fix double unescaping in Autocompleter
* Refactoring auf Autocompleter classes to use camelCase (note: changes the syntax of some of the options)
* Add updateElement option to Autocompleter [Rob Sharp]
* Updated Ajax.InPlaceEditor, refactoring of unit testing [Jon Tirsen]
* Added preliminary version of Ajax.InPlaceEditor to controls.js; added experimental Firefox only functional testing for it (inplaceeditor_result.html) [Jon Tirsen]
* Added some addtional test files.
* Fixes a bug with Droppables not recognizing a drop if no hoverclass is given [thanks drewie]
* Fixes to ghosting marker, allow a predefined marker (element with id "dropmarker").
* Changed Effect.Opacity to better handle 100% opacity
* Various fixes to ghosting, improves compatiblity with Safari and IE. [thanks to David Zülke]
* Added experimental ghosting option to Sortables. See sortable_functional_ghosting.html for usage.
* Renamed the clone option on Draggables to "ghosting".
* Added experimental "clone" option to Draggable to so that a "clone" stays in place while dragging a translucent version of the draggable element. Currently, this requires relatively positioned elements, and doesn't work with sortable lists (but should after some tweaking). See dragdrop_function_4.html test file for details.
* Added Element.getStyle to find computed CSS styles of an element. Note: doesn't work in all cases in Safari, see my bug report at
* Fixed rendering of last frame of animation when from/to is not 0.0/1.0. [thanks to David Zülke]
* Updated internal Prototype JavaScript framework to version 1.4.0_pre2 (patched w/ workaround for Ajax.Updater init bug)
* Some refactoring of controls.js to get rid of "dirty" implementation detail (dont' ask)
* Added returning the generated combined effects to allow for .cancel() on all effects
* Updated internal Prototype JavaScript framework to version 1.4.0_pre2
*Rails 0.13.1*
* Updated Ajax.Autocompleter to deal with parameters options correctly [Martin Marinschek]
* Updated controls.js to allow multple matches in local localcompletion [Ivan Krstic]
* Make version of prototype.js in lib have a nicer Event object [David Zülke]
* Added incremental and local autocompleting and loads of documentation to controls.js [Ivan Krstic]
* Experimental: make version of prototype.js in lib destroy events on page unload to prevent browser memory leaks
* Fixed a possible memory leak in dragdrop.js
* Make version of prototype.js in lib compatible with some 3rd-party JavaScript libraries (like IE7) by refactoring to use Object.extend() for testing [David Zülke]
* Make effects.js, dragdrop.js and controls.js compatible with some 3rd-party JavaScript libraries (like IE7) by refactoring to use Object.extend() [David Zülke]
* Changed some tests to work better
* Always reset background color on Effect.Highlight; this make change backwards-compatibility, to be sure include style="background-color:(target-color)" on your elements or else elements will fall back to their CSS rules (which is a good thing in most circumstances)
* Removed a possible memory leaks with IE with sortables and droppables (removed references from elements)
* Changes to class extension in effects.js
* Make Effect.Highlight restore any previously set background color when finishing (makes effect work with set CSS classes)
* Added capability to remove draggables/droppables and redeclare sortables in dragdrop.js
* Added Effect.ScrollTo to smoothly scroll the page to an element
* Better Firefox flickering handling on SlideUp/SlideDown
* Some cleaning up in effects.js
* Removed a possible memory leak in IE with draggables
* Added support for cancelling dragging my hitting ESC
* Changed logic of drag-and-drop to only include the last referenced droppable when firing a drop event. This change also offers slight performance gains. [Dominik Wagner]
* Added addtional effects test page, added tests for scriptfragment matching
* Changed auto-hiding update div in Ajax.Autocompleter
* Changed default serialization on Ajax.Autocompleter to use Form.Element.serialize
* Added test file for drag/drop inside scrolled elements
* Fixed dragging of unpositioned elements in Internet Explorer
* Change default behaviour of Ajax.Autocompleter to do automatic overlapping, sizing and appear/fade effects
* Fixed Internet Explorer hide-windowed-controls iframe handling
* Changed Ajax.Autocompleter event handling
* Added onShow/onHide callbacks to Ajax.Autocompleter to allow for customized handling/effects
* Fixed SlideUp/SlideDown to restore the overflow CSS property (note: Firefox 1.0.X is buggy, set overflow:hidden as a workaround)
* Fixed BlindUp/BlindDown to restore the overflow CSS property (note: Firefox 1.0.X is buggy, set overflow:hidden as a workaround)
* Fixed draggables with revert:false on repeated drags behaving badly
* Expanded the revert option on draggables to optionally take a function and revert only if it returns true
* Added the dragged element as a parameter to the Draggables.notify callbacks [Michael Sokolov]
* Removed a deprecated reference to Effect2 om Effect.Fold
* Make the percentage on Element.setContentZoom absolute
* Corrected rendering of Ajax.AutoCompleter when focus is lost while updating
* Added (crude) functional tests
* Some slight refactoring in controls.js
* Changed dragdrop.js to use the Effect namespace for its effects
* Updated to Prototype 1.3.0: removal of prototype-ext.js; refactoring.
* Fixed behaviour of cursor keys in Safari on autocomplete script
* Fixed Position.within_including_scrolloffsets
* Fixed sortables that are absolutely positioned
* Fixed unhandled whitespace in Ajax.Autocompleter
* Updated prototype-ext.js to include additions for Ajax.Autocompleter
* Added controls.js, contains AJAX autocompleting text fields from #960
* Refactored Event object
* Renamed effects2.js to effects.js
* Fixed draggables on pages with no droppables
* Moved Event, Position and Element.Class to prototype-ext.js in preparation to Rails 0.13
* Added Effect.Transitions.pulse
* Added Effect.Pulsate and Effect.Fold effect by Justin Palmer
* Added transitions by Mark Pilgrim: .full, .none
* Added effects by Mark Pilgrim: Effect.Grow, Effect.Shrink
* Changed effects namespace to Effect. (Effect2 is deprecated, but works too)
* Changed old Effect.ContentZoom class to Element.setContentZoom() function
* Greatly expanded Effect.Highlight to have user-defined colors and autodetecting the background color
* Converted remaining effects (Squish, Highlight) to new format
* Sortable.create now passes the zindex, starteffect, reverteffect and endeffect options to the underlying Draggables
* Sortable.serialize now honors the only option on Sortable.create
* New overridable options on Draggables: zindex, starteffect, reverteffect, endeffect
* Fix a Gecko engine flicker on Sortables in dragdrop.js
* Fixed event.isLeftClick
* Some small changes in effects2.js
* Refactoring of dragdrop.js
* Added an Object.prototype.inspect() and more verbose messages for js unit testing
* Added test/unittest.js and initial tests in test/html.
* Cleaning up of effects2.js (convert tabs to spaces)
* Added Rakefile for distribution packaging (default task = make distribution, rake clean for cleaning up)
* Initial check-in and directory layout for the JavaScripts