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I have a setup, where I use an IRC proxy, and all clients - subway included - go through that. For this, I set up a user in subway, one for each network I'm connected to (the proxy has different users for the various networks too). I use the same IRC nick on all these networks, and the subway displays that when I'm logged in.

Nowhere does it display the user name I logged in to subway with, which makes it a bit harder to figure out which subway tab belongs to which network. A quick glance at the channel list helps, but having the logged in username somewhere near the ircnick/server combo would be even better.


This is probably more in line with issue #108 - but this would be a nice feature.


It'd be useful even without #108. I, for one, have no need for that, and actually prefer running multiple tabs for multiple networks (otherwise my channel list would be waaaay too long, for one).

@algernon algernon added a commit that referenced this issue Jul 23, 2012
@algernon algernon Show the logged-in username instead of the server
If we have a logged in user, show the username they logged in with,
instead of the server on the user-box on the sidebar.

There's little space left there, so adding the username separately
isn't a particularly good choice.

This fixes #149.

Signed-off-by: Gergely Nagy <algernon@madhouse-project.org>
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