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Mutable Universal Relay Document Kit
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Mutable. Universal. Relay. Document. Kit.
:: MurDock is an extension of the "falo" framework ::

v2.0 - Currently Under developement

  • Full re-architecture
  • New Protocols
  • New features

~ MurDock v1.0 beta ~
Author: Themson Mester
Version: 1.0 beta
Release: Public
License: MIT
EULA: Be Excellent to each other
Help: !help


The purpose of this tool is to provide a protocol independent framework that contains a base set of features that can piggyback on top of any collaborative web platform or service. The base docClient and docServer are meant to be extended upon with Buffer classes written for individual web services. These buffer classes can be plugged into the MurDock framework in order to create a unique shell infrastructure that will always contains a base set of features, as well as the ability to tunnel over any web application traffic for which a buffer class has been constructed. The framework can be extended to operate over lower level protocols if desired.

Supported Services:

Adpative to any collaborative web platform via creation of "buffer" class.

The base toolkit comes with a set of classes that allow for communication over the Google Spreadsheets service. This Buffer class is a wrapper of the gspread library by, Anton Burnashev.

Notice: This is in no way a vulnerability, exploit or misconfiguration in any Google services or systems, it is simply a demonstration of the application of this framework. The spreadsheet services was chosen due to the fact that it is one with which a great number of enterprise users are familiar. This tools does not in any way seek to disrupt services or perform any action with the intent of introducing to Google products and services any viruses, worms, defects, Trojan horses, malware or any items of a destructive nature. The services is solely utilized to store, manipulate and transport data, as intend. This tool is as a proof of concept, and may only be used between systems on which all controlling parties have agreed to the transport and manipulation of data. Users are not authorized to leverage this framework in any means that may fall outside of the bounds of locally applicable law.


Framework Requirements

  • python 2.7.*
  • Pycrypto > 2.5 (Not needed for current public release)

"Buffer" Class Requirements

Run as python script or create PE|ELF|DMG using the following



  1. dockSERVER - run on remote host
  2. dockCLIENT - run on local host
  3. Atleast one "Buffer" class (on each host)

Help Menu -

  ~ MurDock v1.0 Public ~
  *** commands ***
  !help     - Print this help menu : (!h)
  !clear    - Clear local terminal : (!c)
  !watch    - Looped listener for incoming shells              
  !cmd      - Execute local command - Usage : !cmd <command string>
  !sysinfo  - Print System info of remote host
  !upload   - Usage : !upload <local_file_path> <remote_file_path>
  !download - Usage : !download <remote_file_path> <local_file_path>
  !egress   - Find egress ports out of remote network - Interactive
  !meterup  - Upgrade to meterpreter shell - Interactive
  !forward  - Forward local socket to remote socket - (disabled)
  !sync     - Synchronize buffers with remote server  
  !shutdown - Shutdown remote docServer. Does not remove binary
  !cleanup  - Shutdown remote docServer and remove binary
  !exit     - Exit Local client only
  <:        - Send command to remote server

Known Bugs:

See Github Issues Tracker:

Road Map:

  1. Add crypto to parent framework

    • Looking at moving from AES-CBC to AES-CTR
    • Allow for mutable key words in protocol
    • Will apply crypto to all future modules
  2. Prepend binary protocol flag header

    • Required for collision prevention
    • Allows for instream RE-KEY on AES-CTR counter exhaustion
  3. Provide outline for Buffer class creation

    • Promote contribution to project
  4. Create more plugin classes

    • Demonstrate elasticity of method
    • Allow for protocol discovery and cycling
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