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#! /usr/bin/env python
from __future__ import unicode_literals
import mwclient
from theobot import password
import urllib2
import datetime
import re
import time
# CC-BY-SA Theopolisme
class WDL(object):
"""This represents one WDL object, both
on-wiki and on the WDL site.
def __init__(self, id): = id ="%d %B %Y")
def generate_cite_web_wrapper(self):
citation = u"""{{{{cite web\n|title={name}\n|url={url}\n|website=[[World Digital Library]]\n|date={date}\n|accessdate={accessdate}""".format(name=self.details['name'].decode('UTF-8'),url=self.url.decode('UTF-8'),date=self.details['date'].decode('UTF-8'),
if self.details['language'] != "English":
citation += """\n|language={0}""".format(self.details['language'])
if self.details['location'] != "":
citation += """\n|location={0}""".format(self.details['location'])
current_author_num = 0
for creator in self.details['creators']:
creator = re.sub(r"""(,\s*\d*-\d*|\(\d*-\d*\)|\s*\(.*?\d*.*?\)|,\s(born|died|circa)[\s\d\D]*)""", u"", creator.decode('UTF-8'),flags=re.U)
current_author_num += 1
citation += u"""\n|author"""+unicode(current_author_num)+u"""="""+creator
citation += """\n}}"""
return citation
def update(self):
"""If it was the last one to edit the citation page
(or if it was never updated), updates it."""
page = site.Pages["Template:Cite wdl/{0}".format(]
# ** Enable this block if you've pushed updates to the template syntax **
# if page.exists == True:
# z = site.api(action='query',prop='revisions',rvprod='user',revids=page.revision)
# for pageid in z['query']['pages'].items():
# user = z['query']['pages'][unicode(pageid[0])]['revisions'][0]['user']
# else:
# user = u"Theo's Little Bot"
# if user == u"Theo's Little Bot" or u"Theopolisme":
if page.exists == False:,summary="[[WP:BOT|Bot]]: Expanding World Digital Library citation")
print "Citation page for {0} already exists; must have been created manually.".format(
def _get_web_details(self):
"""Given, scrapes data from and wraps it up in a dictionary.
self.url = "" + str( + "/"
text = urllib2.urlopen(self.url).read()
details = {}
details['name'] ="""<span class="item_title" itemprop="name">(.*?)</span></h1>""", text, flags=re.DOTALL | re.UNICODE).groups(0)[0]
details['date'] ="""<meta name="" content="(.*?)">""", text, flags=re.DOTALL | re.UNICODE).groups(0)[0]
details['language'] ="""<meta itemprop="inLanguage" content=".*?"><a href="/en/search/\?languages=.*?">(.*?)</a></li>""", text, flags=re.DOTALL | re.UNICODE).groups(0)[0]
except AttributeError:
details['language'] = "English"
details['creators'] = re.findall(r"""<li itemprop="creator" itemscope itemtype="">\s*<meta itemprop="additionalType" content="">\s*<a href=".*?"><span itemprop="name">(.*?)</span></a>\s*</li>""", text, flags=re.DOTALL | re.UNICODE | re.M)
except AttributeError:
details['creators'] = [] # in case we return nothing
country ="""&gt; <a href=".*?"><span itemprop="addressCountry">(.*?)</span></a>\s*&gt;""", text, flags=re.DOTALL | re.UNICODE | re.M).groups(0)[0].decode('UTF-8')
except AttributeError:
country = None
region ="""&gt; <a href=".*?"><span itemprop="addressRegion">(.*?)</span></a>\s*""", text, flags=re.DOTALL | re.UNICODE | re.M).groups(0)[0].decode('UTF-8')
except AttributeError:
region = None
locality ="""<a href=".*?"><span itemprop="addressLocality">(.*?)</span></a>""", text, flags=re.DOTALL | re.UNICODE | re.M).groups(0)[0].decode('UTF-8')
except AttributeError:
locality = None
if country:
country_data_all = u", [[{0}]]".format(country) if country != "United States of America" else ""
country_data_else = u"[[{0}]]".format(country) if country != "United States of America" else ""
if locality and region and country != None:
details['location'] = u"[[{city}, {state}|{city}]], [[{state}]]{country}".format(city=locality,state=region,country=country_data_all)
elif locality and region != None and country == None:
details['location'] = u"[[{city}, {state}|{city}]], [[{state}]]".format(city=locality,state = region)
elif region and country != None and locality == None:
details['location'] = u"[[{state}]], {country}".format(state=region,country=country_data_else)
elif locality != None and region and country == None:
details['location'] = u"[[{city}]]".format(city=locality)
elif region != None and locality and country == None:
details['location'] = u"[[{state}]]".format(city=region)
elif country != None and locality and region == None:
details['location'] = u"{country}".format(country=country_data_else)
details['location'] = ""
self.details = details
def process_page(page):
contents = page.edit()
ids = re.findall(r"""{{cite wdl\|(.*?)}}""", contents, flags=re.DOTALL | re.UNICODE | re.IGNORECASE)
for id in ids:
print "Working on id #{0}".format(id)
this_wdl = WDL(id)
def get_pages():
"""Uses a maintenance category on wikipedia to
get a list of pages and then processes them.
print "Getting pages to process..."
cat = mwclient.listing.Category(site, 'Category:Pages with incomplete WDL citations')
for page in cat:
print "Powered on."
global site
site = mwclient.Site('')
site.login(password.username, password.password)