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Revision history for Perl extension SVN::Notify
2.86 2016-03-29T23:35:16Z
- Add version to SVN::Notify::SMTP to make PAUSE happy.
- Added a newline to verbose output. Thanks to @kberry for the report
(issue #16)!
2.85 2016-03-29T23:29:11Z
- Fixed a typo, thanks to gregor herrmann of the Debian project.
- Eliminated "Unescaped left brace in regex is deprecated" warnings on
Perl 5.21.
- Fixed test failures triggered by an improvement to the encoding of
headers by the Encode module. Thanks to Pali for the fix!
- Improved the encoding of the "From", "To", and "Reply-To" headers so
that only the phrase part is encoded, not the address itself. Thanks
to Pali for the corrections.
- Now require Email::Address to handle the proper parsing of addresses
for encoding into headers.
2.84 2013-08-13T14:25:21Z
- Added `--smtp-tls` to the output of `man svnnotify`.
- Removed `--smtp-authtype` from the output of `man svnnotify`.
- Added `--diff-content-type` option. Defaults to "text/plain" for
backward compatibility. Patch by Daniel P. Wright.
- Renamed `` to `Filter.pod`, since it's just documentation.
- Removed the pod tests from the distribution.
- Changed the CSS for message `<pre>` blocks to use `white-space:
pre-line`, so that long lines will be wrapped, but newlines are still
respected as usual. Thanks to Dave Abrahams for the patch (and the
- Changed C<to_regex_map> to allow it to match any path in the
repository, including files, rather than just directories. Patch from
- Fixed error when the first line of the commit message is less than 10
characters long (issue #2).
- Fixed the "From" and "To" headers so that they are properly encoded as
MIME headers (issue #6).
- Removed the Makefile.PL, which was just passing through to
Module::Build. That pattern is now deprecated, and Module::Build is
required for configuration.
2.83 2011-10-29T00:19:07Z
- Added the `smtp_port` parameter and accompanying `--smtp-port` option.
Patch from Gustavo Leite de Mendonça Chaves.
- Switched from Net::SMTP and Net::SMTP_auth to Net::SMTP::TLS, which
handles TLS and non TLS and auth and non-auth in any combintation.
Based on patches from Dawood Sangameshwari and Marino Miculan (RT #
- Added `--smtp-tls` option to enable TLS. Based on patch from Marino
- Deprecated `--smtp-authtype`, which is now a no-op. Net::SMTP::TLS
determines the auth type to use by asking the SMTP server.
2.82 2011-06-26T05:12:04
- Moved the repository to
[GitHub]( Yes, I'm aware of the
2.81 2011-02-19T03:09:43
- Removed deprecated use of `qw(...)` as parentheses.
- Fixed test failures due to a change in the opration of MIME-Q
2.80 2010-01-16T04:40:00
- Fixed the regular expression for detecting JIRA keys. Thanks to David
Ferguson for the report (RT#51620).
- Fixed test failure on Perl 5.11.2.
- Switched to improved URL links with link text in the documentation.
2.79 2009-04-03T00:36:29
- Removed a superfluous colon from the dashed line under "Ticket Links"
in the plain-text rendition of the message. Repored by Dirk Olmes.
- Fixed a bug in the subject handling code where it could truncate a
subject to very few characters if it has a dot (.) near the beginning.
Now it skips 10 characters before looking for a dot at which to
truncate text for the subject. Reported by Martijn van Beers, who
noticed a comment in the source indicating that it should have been
this way all along.
- Fixed a test so that `svn dirs-changed` returns all of the modified
directories for a given test. This has no effect on the SVN::Notify
code, but it means that the test behavior is more correct. Rerpoted by
Martijn van Beers.
- Fixed a bug in SVN::Notify::SMTP where `printf` wasn't working
properly, resulting in plain text email bodies with a number instead
of a ticket link (Bug #43823). Thanks to Dirk Olmes for the report and
the debugging.
- Fixed `--revision-url` to recognize revision link that just use "r"
followed by a number, such as "r1234". Previously, it had to be "rev
1234" or "revision 1234".
2.78 2008-09-24T04:41:27
- When searching for an executable to run, SVN::Notify now also looks in
the "installbin" and "installscript" directories, as specified by the
Config module. Patch from John Peacock to improve the finding of apps
on Strawberry Perl.
- Documented --to-email-map in `svnnotify`. It was already documented in
SVN::Notify, but I'd forgoten to include it in the command-line
script. Reported by Grégory Joseph (Bug #22620).
- Fixed a bug in the test suite where an unexpected exception was thrown
on platforms where `sendmail` was not available. Reported by David
Golden via CPAN-Testers.
2.77 2008-07-18T21:24:44
- Fixed a typo in a Getopt::Long specification string that reveals
itself only with Getopt::Long 2.3702 (which is a development release).
Reported by Andreas Koenig via cpan-testers.
2.76 2008-07-17T19:55:09
- svnnotify will now throw an exception for any invalid options
passed to it. Suggested by Ben Tilly.
- SVN::Notify->get_options() is now aware of SVN::Notify::Alternative,
and when it is used, will load the alternatives so that they can
properly register their command-line options and have them processed.
Reported by Ben Tilly.
- The error thrown when there is no 'to', to_regex_map', or
'to_email_app' attributes now waits until after the "pre_prepare"
filter has been run, so that filters have a chance to set one or more
of those values. Reported by Jeffrey Borlik.
- Removed redundant option validation from `svnnotify`. Reported by
Jeffrey Borlik.
- Fixed the output triggered by the '--help' and '--man' options.
- Adjusted missing parameter exceptions to call Pod::Usage::pod2usage()
when things are run by svnnotify.
2.75 2008-05-18T03:38:11
- Removed the spelling test from the distribution, since it can
fail on systems without a spell program or using a different locale.
- All string command-line options are now decoded from whatever encoding
is specified by the C<--encoding> option, defaulting to UTF-8. All
string options are thus properly decoded, excepting those that define
encodings and languages (which should alwyas be ASCII) and those that
are specified as hashes (if someone runs into that bug, let me know).
This fix includes all string options specified by subclasses and
filters. Reported by Matthew Romaine (Bug #35884).
2.74 2008-05-15T03:29:11
- Updated copyright.
- Changed the list example in the Trac sample output to use Greeking so
that the indentation of wrapping lines can be seen in the output.
- Improved the CSS for lists in the log message output by
SVN::notify::HTML (and subclasses) so that bullets are properly
hangling indents.
- Removed a bit of redundant CSS from SVN::Notify::HTML.
- Added a spelling test. This has the benefit of reducing the number of
annoying spelling errors in the documentation.
2.73 2008-05-04T02:02:21
- Fixed another lame-ass test failure under Perl 5.6.2. Reported by
David Cantrell via cpan-testers.
2.72 2008-04-29T17:17:29
- Fixed misdocumentation of the short version of the --set-sender option
in C<svnnotify --help>: it's -E, not -S. Reported by Larry Shatzer,
- Fixed encoding issue on Windows. Patch to fix a stupid oversight
graciously provided by David Golden.
- Added four new filter callbacks, "pre_prepare", "post_prepare",
"pre_execute", and "post_execute". These are called at the begining
and end of the execution of the prepare() and execute() methods.
Suggestion and initial patch from Larry Shatzer.
- Reorganized the table listing the types of filters in
SVN::Notify::Filter so that they are listed in the order in which they
2.71 2008-04-17T18:53:27
- Fixed test failure in t/filter.t when HTML::Entities is not installed.
Reported by David Cantrell via CPAN-Testers.
- Bumped version number for recommended module Text::Trac up to 0.10,
since that version fixes the last of the bugs I found with its HTML
- Adjusted the running of filters against log messages in
SVN::Notify::HTML so that any linkizing (--linkize), revision URL
parsing (--revision-url), and ticket reference parsing (--ticket-map)
is run after the content has been filtered. In 2.70, none of those
things happened if the message was filtered, even though they did if a
log message was filtered by SVN::Notify (plain text).
- Added references to SVN::Notify::Filter::Markdown, now on CPAN.
- Attributes registered by a filter were not being properly registered
and processing the command-line arguments when the filter was loaded
by the --filter option to `svnnotify`. Thanks to Larry Shatzer, Jr.
for the spot!
2.70 2008-02-29T17:03:26
- See
for an announcement of this release.
- Fixed issues with character encoding handling, starting from a patch
submitted by Toshikazu Kinkoh, and with a lot of experimentation and
testing by Toshikazu, Martin Lindhe, and myself. Hopefully these
changes will help solve the various encoding problems that continue to
crop up:
+ Removed --io-layer, which, it seems, never actually worked.
+ Changed --charset to --encoding, although the former is still
supported for backwards compatibility.
+ Added --svn-encoding, which identifies the encoding in which data
is stored in SVN. It defaults to the value of --encoding.
+ Added --diff-encoding, which identifies the encoding in which files
are stored in SVN. This is useful for the case when log messages
are written in one encoding and files stored in another. Defaults
to the value of --svn-encoding.
+ The --language option is now used to set the C<$LANG> environment
variable for the execution of `svnlook` as well as `sendmail`,
although not `svnlook diff`, which always runs under the "C" locale.
+ Now only setting the $LANG environment variable for the execution of
`svnlook` and `sendmail` if it is not already set. This allows the
existing usages such as `LANG=ja_JP svnnotify ...` to keep working.
+ Fixed character encoding when sending messages via SMTP.
- Added extensive documentation on how to deal with character encodings
under "Character Encoding Support" in the SVN::Notify docs.
- Added support for output filtering. This allows users to easily
modify content before it's output.
- Added SVN::Notify::Filter, which fully documents the interface for
filtering (it's really easy!).
- Added SVN::Notify::Filter:Trac, which parses log messages from the
Trac wiki syntax to HTML. Useful for use with SVN::Notify::HTML
and SVN::Notify::HTML::ColorDiff, and as a nice example of filtering.
- Split up the output of the HTML <head> section and the <body> section
into two methods in SVN::Notify::HTML in order to simplify filtering.
- The CSS output by SVN::Notify::HTML is now output inside the <body>
tags, rather than inside the <head> tags. This isn't valid, but will
hopefully it will allow messages to display better in Web mail clients
such as Gmail.
- Eliminated locale warnings during tests.
- Tweaked the CSS emitted by SVN::Notify::HTML to support a lot of HTML
in the log message, since such formatting can come from the use of
SVN::Notify::Filter::Trac and, potentially, other output filters.
- Fixed issue running tests with a Perl other than /usr/bin/perl without
running `./Build`. If you just did `./Build test`, it could fail with
a lot of errors, but no more.
- Fixed use of the SMTP feature under Perl 5.6. Reported by CPAN testers
David Cantrell and Slaven Rezic.
- Fixed the formatting and display of the log message when using the
--wrap-log option with SVN::Notify::HTML.
- Eliminated a bogus empty paragraph when using the --wrap-log option
with SVN::Notify::HTML.
- Fixed the encoding of the subject line so that Unicode characters
show up properly. Reported by Ian Anderson (Ticket # 24138).
- Switched from using `crypt` to using a simple random string algorithm
for generating email part boundaries, since `crypt` was choking on
multibyte characters from message subjects. Reported by Toshikazu
- Added a link to SVN::Notify's Subversion repository.
2.67 2008-02-06T20:15:13
- Fixed bug where a directory with a valid regular expression character
could be incorrectly truncated. Patch from Wayne Davison.
- Fixed a bug where a directory name could be truncated too much if
there are directory names with common roots. Patch from Wayne Davison.
- Added the "configure_requires" parameter to Build.PL.
- Fixed SVN::Notify::HTML::ColorDiff so that it respects
- The SVN::Notify::HTML --wrap-log option now wraps individual
paragraphs as identified by blank lines (with optional spaces), rather
than wrapping the entire message in a single set of paragraph tags.
2.66 2007-06-17T05:08:29
- Added some examples complements of Matt Doar.
- Fixed the specification of recipients passed to the SMTP server so
that comma-separated email addresses are properly split apart.
Reported by Michael Plump.
- Fixed a bug with --to-regex-map where certain entries in it could
be skipped altogether. Reported by John Peacock.
2.65 2007-03-27T07:01:09
- Another patch from Martijn van Beers, this one generalizing the
execution of --ticket-map parageters (Ticket # 21633).
- Added note and link for HookStart for Windows users who run into
asynchronous execution issues. Reported by Eric Lemes.
- Added the --wrap-log option to SVN::Notify::HTML. When passed a true
value, the log message will be put into a `p` tag instead of a `pre`
tag, thus allowing it to wrap to the width of the mailer window.
Needless to say, this means that any whitespace formatting in the log
message itself will be lost. Suggested by Ian Anderson (Ticket
- Restored checking for "%s" in the JIRA, RT, Butzilla, and GNATS
URLs. Reported by Matt Doar.
- Fixed some spelling errors, thanks to Matt Doar.
- Added note that verbose output goes to STDOUT.
- Added support for specifying the location of the revision number via
an "%d" temlate in the --subject-prefix option. Patch from Jerry
Veldhuis (Ticket #24309).
- The --max-diff-length option now works properly in HTML output, as
well. Reported by Rob Moore (Ticket #25070)
- Added the --to-email-map option as the inverse of --to-regex-map. That
is, it maps regular expressions to email addresses, rather than the
other way around.
2.64 2006-09-28T18:39:47
- Added notes about Net::SMPT and Net::SMTP_auth to the README file.
Reported by Nacho Barrientos Arias.
- The regular expresson for RT ticket numbers now also
case-insensitively matches "RT" in addtion to "Ticket". Suggested by
Ask Bjørn Hansen.
- Now skipping all tests in 't/alt.t' if HTML::Entities is not
installed. Reported by Marshall Roch.
- Added a new option, '--ticket-map', to map regular expressions
that match ticket references to the URLs to create links for those
references. This allows users to specify any number of ticketing
systems for which to scan for references in the log message.
- Deprecated '--ticket-regex' and '--ticket-url' in favor of the new
'--ticket-map' option.
- Converted the support for explicit ticketing systems (RT, JIRA,
GnatsWeb, and Bugzilla) to internally use the 'ticket_map' attribute.
This change eliminates quite a bit of redundant code. Based on a patch
from Martijn van Beers (Ticket # 21633).
- Unified the internal ticket system regular expressions so that
SVN::Notify::HTML can reference and use exactly the same regexen that
SVN::Notify uses. Inspired by a patch from Martijn van Beers.
2.63 2006-08-02T18:11:36
- The tests in t/options.t no longer fail when HTML::Entities is not
installed. Thanks to Ricardo Signes for the spot! Ticket #20267.
- The email subject is now encoded in the MIME-Q encoding, in compliance
with RFC 2047. Patch from Éric Cholet.
- Now properly setting the binmode on file handles in Win32 when
running under Perl 5.8.
- Added the --add-header option to add headers to the outgoing email.
Useful for things like auto-approval for MLMs. Patch (with tests!)
from Ricardo Signes.
- Documented the --language option in the svnnotify script.
- Before executing 'sendmail', SVN::Notify now sets the $LANG
environment variable with the contents of the language and charset
options if language is set. Ticket #16050.
2.62 2006-06-30T18:03:21
- Changed to() accessor to return the first value in the array in scalar
context, and all of the items as a list in list context. This makes
its behavior more consistent with versions of SVN::Notify priort to
- Added strip_cx_regex() accessor. It also returns the first value in
scalar context, and the full list in list context, for consistency
with to().
2.61 2006-06-28T23:07:40
- Removed unused patch file from the distribution. It was temporary, and
never supposed to be there, anyway.
- Added an "Errors-To" header to the outgoing email, using the same
email address as is used for the "From" header.
- Added the --set-sender option to specify the envelope sender to the
same value as is used for the From: header when sending via sendmail.
- The --to option may now be specified multiple times (or passed as an
array reference to the constructor) to specify multiple recipients.
This change allows multiple recipients to be used when sending
notifications via SMTP. Ticket # 20121. Reported by John Colton.
2.60 2006-06-16T22:42:48
- HTML output now creates a link from a directory name to its place in
the diff if the type of diff for the directory is a property change.
Patch from Lamar Goddard.
- Added --author-url option. Based on a patch from Lamar Goddard.
- Deprecated --svnweb-url and --viewcvs-url in favor of the new, more
general --revision-url. Inspired by a patch from Lamar Goddard.
- Added --diff-switches option. This can be used to specify switches to
pass through to 'svnlook diff'. Inspired by a patch from Lamar
2.59 2006-05-11T17:23:12
- Fixed a few typos, with thanks to Marshall "Eagle Eyes" Roch.
- Now throw an exception if 'sendmail' is not specified or cannot be
found and 'smtp' is not specified. Reported by Eric Lemes.
- Fixed processing of commad-line arguments under Windows. Reported by
Eric Lemes. This means that SVN::Notify has now been confirmed to
actually *work* on Windows.
- An exception will now be thrown if a Net::SMTP object cannot be
created. Reported by Eric Lemes.
- Added note for Windows users about setting environment variables
required by SVN::Notify. Thanks to Eric Lemes <>
for figuring these things out!
- Added link to Eric Lemes's tutorial for installing Apache, Subversion,
and SVN::Notify on Windows.
2.58 2006-05-05T20:44:05
- Improved documentation of '--ticket-regex', since it seemed to confuse
people using it with SVN::Notify::HTML. Thanks to Dominic Giampaolo
for the push.
- SVN::Notify::HTML now allows '--ticket-regex' to capture only one
string, in which case it will be used both for the link text and for
the ticket number passed to the '--ticket-url' format string.
- Added support for SMTP authentication using Net::SMTP_auth. Use the
'--smtp-user', '--smtp-pass', and '--smtp-authtype' options to take
advantage of this feature. Patch from Eric Lemes.
- Specifying '--verbose' two or more times now turns on SMTP debugging.
2.57 2006-04-06T22:36:18
- Finally ported to Win32. It was actually a simple matter of changing
how command pipes are created.
- Added 'smtp' option to enable sending messages to an SMTP server
rather than to the local 'sendmail' application. This is essential for
Windows support.
- Added --io-layer to the usage statement in 'svnnotify'.
- Fixed single-dash arguments in documentation so that they're all
documented with a single dash in SVN::Notify.
2.56 2006-04-04T23:16:37
- Abstracted creation of the diff file handle into the new diff_handle()
- Documented use of diff_handle() in the output() method.
- Added optional second argument to output() to optionally suppress the
output of the email headers. This argument is used by the new
Alternative subclass.
- Added SVN::Notify::Alternative, which allows multiple versions of a
commit email to be sent, such as text/plain plus HTML. The multiple
versions are assembled into a single email message using the
multipart/alternative media type. For those who want HTML messages but
must support users that can only read plain text or rely on archives
that ignore HTML messages, this can be very useful. Based on an
implementation by Jukka Zitting.
- Fixed use_ok() tests that weren't running at all.
- Added an extra newline to separate the file list from an inline diff
in the plain text format where '--with-diff' has been specified.
- Moved the "multipart/mixed" content-type header generation from
output_headers() to output_content_type(), not only because this makes
more sense, but also because it makes attachments behave better when
using SVN::Notify::Alternative.
- Documented accessors in SVN::Notify::HTML.
2.55 2006-04-03T23:11:11
- Added the 'io-layer' option to specify an alternate IO layer. Will be
most useful for those with repositories containing text in multiple
encodings, where it should be set to "raw".
- Fixed the context output in the subject for the '--subject-cx' option
so that it's smarter about determining the longest common path.
Reported by Max Horn.
- No longer modifying the values of the 'to_regex_map' hash, so as not
to mess with folks who might be passing it as a hash to more than one
call to new(). Reported by Darby Felton.
- Added a 'meta http-equiv="content-type"' tag to HTML output that
includes the character set to help some clients in the proper display
of the characters in an HTML email. I'm not sure if any clients
actually need this help, but it certainly can't hurt!
- Added the '--css-url' option to specify an alternate style sheet for
HTML emails. SVN::Notify::HTML's own CSS is left in the email, as
well, so the specified style sheet can just override the default,
rather than have to style everything itself. Yes, it takes advantage
of the "cascading" feature of cascading style sheets! Based on a
suggestion by Steve James.
2.54 2006-03-06T00:33:42
- Added "/usr/bin" to the list of paths searched for executables.
Suggested by Nacho Barrientos.
- Added '--max-diff-length' option. Patch from David Burley/SourceForge.
2.53 2006-02-24T21:30:48
- Added 'header' and 'footer' attributes and command-line options to
specify text to be put at the head and foot of each message. For HTML
messages, the text will be escaped, unless it starts with "<", in
which case it will be assumed to be valid HTML and will therefore not
be escaped. Either way, it will be output between <div> tags with the
IDs "header" or "footer" as appropriate. Based on a patch from David
- Fixed the executable-searching algorithm added in 2.52 to add ".exe"
to the name of the executable being searched for if $^O eq 'MSWin32'.
- Fixed encoding issues so that, under Perl 5.8 and later, the IO layer
is set on file handles so as to encode input and decode output in the
character set specified by the 'charset' attribute. CPAN # 16050,
reported by Michael Zehrer.
- Added a second argument to all calls to encode_entities() in
SVN::Notify::HTML and SVN::Notify::HTML::ColorDiff so that only '>'.
'<', '&', and '"' are escaped.
- Fixed a bug in the _find_exe() function that was attempting to modify
a constant variable. Patch from John Peacock.
- Turned the _find_exe() function into the find_exe() class method,
since subclasses (such as SVN::Notify::Mirror) might want to use it.
2.52 2006-02-19T18:50:24
- Now uses File::Spec->path to search for a validate sendmail or svnlook
when they're not specified via their respective command-line options
or environment variables. Suggested by Andreas Koenig. Not that they
should probably be explicitly set anyway, as the PATH environment
variable tends to be non-existent when running under Apache.
2.51 2006-01-02T23:28:11
- Fixed ColorDiff HTML to once again be valid XHTML 1.1.
2.50 2005-11-10T23:27:22
- Added "ticket-url" and "ticket-regex" options to be used by those who
want to match ticket identifers for systems other than RT, Bugzilla,
GNATS, and JIRA. Based on a patch from Andrew O'Brien.
- Removed bogus 'use lib' line put into Makefile.PL by a prerelease
version of Module::Build.
- Fixed HTML tests to match either "'" or "&#39;", since HTML::Entities
can be configured differently on different systems.
2.49 2005-09-29T17:26:14
- Now require Getopt::Long 2.34 so that the --to-regex-map option works
correctly when it is used only once on the command-line.
2.48 2005-09-06T19:14:35
- Swiched from <span class="add"> and <span class="rem"> to <ins> and
<del> elements in SVN::Notify::HTML::ColorDiff in order to make the
markup more semantic.
2.47 2005-09-03T18:54:43
- Fixed options tests to work correctly with older versions of
Getopt::Long. Reported by Craig McElroy.
- Slick new CSS treatment used for the HTML and HTML::ColorDiff emails.
Based on a patch from Bill Lynch.
- Added "svnweb_url" option. Based on a patch from Ricardo Signes.
2.46 2005-05-05T05:22:54
- Added support for "Copied" files to HTML::ColorDiff so that they
display properly.
2.45 2005-05-04T20:38:18
- Added support for links to the GNATS bug tracking system.
Patch from Nathan Walp.
2.44 2005-03-18T06:10:01
- Fixed Name in POD so that SVN::Notify's POD gets indexed by Reported by Ricardo Signes.
2.43 2004-11-24T18:49:40
- Added "--strip-cx-regex" option to strip out parts of the
context from the subject. Useful for removing parts of the
file names you might not be interested in seeing in every
commit message.
- Added "--no-first-line" option to omit the first sentence or
line of the log message from the subject. Useful in combination
with the "--subject-cx" option.
2.42 2004-11-19T18:47:20
- Changed "Files" to "Paths" in hash returned by "file_label_map()"
since directories can be listed as well as files.
- Fixed SVN::Notify::HTML so that directories listed among the
changed paths are not links.
- Requiring Module::Build 0.26 to make sure that the installation
works properly. Reported by Robert Spier.
2.41 2004-10-21T20:33:25
- Added missing newline between the commit metadata and the log
message in SVN::Notify.
2.40 2004-10-21T19:49:40
- Fixed accessor generation so that accessors created for the
attributes passed to "register_attributes()" but a subclass are
created in the subclass' package instead of in SVN::Notify.
- Changed parsing for JIRA keys to use any set of capital letters
followed by a dash and then a number, rather than the literal
string "JIRA-" followed by a number. Reported by Garrett Rooney.
- Modified the regular expression patterns for the RT, Bugzilla,
RT, and ViewCVS links to properly match on word boundaries, so
that strings like "humbug 12" don't match.
- Modified the ViewCVS link regular expression pattern so that it
matches strings like "rev 12" as well as "revision 12".
- Modified the RT link regular expression pattern so that it
matches strings like "RT-Ticket: 23" as well as "Ticket 1234".
Suggested by Jesse Vincent.
- Added complicated example to try to show off all of the major
features. I will keep this up-to-date going forward in order to
post sample output on the Web.
- Fixed the parsing of log messages so that empty lines are no
longer eliminated.
- HTML::ColorDiff now properly handles the listing of binary files
in the diff, marking them with a new class, "binary", and using
the same CSS as is used for the "propset" class.
- In HTML::ColorDiff, Fixed CSS for the "delfile" class to properly
wrap it in a border like the other files in the diff.
- Added labels to the HTML::ColorDiff diff file sections to indicate
the type of change ("Modified", "Added", "Deleted", or "Property
- Moved the "rt_url", "bugzilla_url", and "jira_url" parameters from
SVN::Notify::HTML to SVN::Notify, where they are used to add URLs
to the text version of log messages.
2.30 2004-10-19T05:20:02
- Added "register_attributes()" class method so that subclasses can
easily specify their own attributes and the corresponding command-
line options. This method will also create accessors for such
- Moved the command-line option parsing to the new "get_options()"
class method, so options specified via the "register_attributes()"
class method can centrally be parsed from the command-line.
- Removed the deprecated "format" option and parameter to new().
- Added the "language" attribute to specify the language of the
message, file names, and file contents.
- Added the "linkize" attribute to SVN::Notify::HTML. When this
attribute is set to a true value, URLs and email addresses in the
log message will be turned into links.
- Added new "bugzilla_url", "jira_url", and "rt_url" attributes to
SVN::Notify. If present, these URLs will be used to create
links from certain strings in the log message.
- Changed the "viewcvs_url" attribute to require an "%s" format
for the placement of the revision number to match the way the
new URL attributes work. As an interim measure, SVN::Notify will
append what it has always appended and emit a warning if there is
no "%s" in the "viewcvs_url" string.
- Fixed SVN::Notify::HTML::ColorDiff so that it does not output two
separate sections for a single file that was both modified (or
added or deleted) and had properties set.
2.22 2004-10-15T06:12:46
- Fixed diff parsing in SVN::Notitfy::HTML and
SVN::Notitfy::HTML::ColoDiff to recognize added and deleted files.
- Added links to files for which properties were set down into
their place in the diff in SVN::Notitfy::HTML and
- Changed the class for each file in the diff output by
SVN::Notitfy::HTML::ColoDiff to be specific to whether the file
was modified, added, deleted, or just had its properties set.
2.21 2004-10-09T22:37:34
- Tweaked HTML to make it all XHTML 1.1 compliant.
- Switched to using attribute accessors instead of direct hash
access in the subclasses to serve as a better example for others.
- Changed the diff output methods to accept the diff input file
handle as the second argument, so that it is created in only
one place.
2.20 2004-10-09T20:01:28
- Subclassing Module::Build in Build.PL to move and set the shebang
line in test scripts during "./Build" instead of simply changing
the shebang line in-place during "perl Build.PL".
- Split the "start_message()" method into two methods, the second
one called "output_metadata()", to separate starting the message
and outputting content.
- Added "output_css()" method to SVN::Notify::HTML, called by its
"start_message()" method to output CSS for the HTML email.
- Added CSS to the email in SVN::Notify::HTML.
- Added links from the changed file list in HTML email to the
included diff.
- Added SVN::Notify::HTML::ColorDiff, a new subclass that colorizes
the diff when it is included in the HTML email message.
2.10 2004-10-07T06:18:59
- Added many new methods to break up the various activities of
assembling a notification message. This will make subclassing
- Moved all HTML notification functionality into a new subclass,
- Added new "handler" parameter to new() and "--handler" option to
svnnotify to specify what subclass should handle sending the
notification. Just specify the name of a subclass, such as "HTML"
for SVN::Notify::HTML. This replaces the "format" parameter, which
is now deprecated.
- Added code to Build.PL to set the shebang line in the test
scripts. Reported by Robert Spier.
- Changed name of attached diff file to be named for the revision
and the committer, rather than the committer and the date.
Suggested by Robert Spier.
- Added Author, Date, and Revision information to the top of each
- The ViewCVS URL is no longer output for each file. A single link
for the entire revision number is put at the top of the email,
instead. ViewCVS Revision URL syntax pointed out by Peter
Valdemar Morch.
- Changed the C<send()> method to C<execute()> to better reflect
its generalized use as the method that executes actions in
response to Subversion activity.
- The tests no longer require HTML::Entities to run. The HTML
email tests will be skipped if it is not installed.
- Added accessor methods for the attributes of SVN::Notify.
2.00 2004-10-04T05:09:17
- First release, ported from activitymail 1.11, but completely
rewritten, with a new script interface and a separate class
that manages everything.
- Added "to_cx_regex" parameter to control the recipients based
on how regular expressions match directory names.
- Added "charset" parameter.
- Added "user_domain" parameter.
- Added "sendmail" parameter.