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Sinatra Template for Heroku with Haml, Sass & jQuery | TJ Stein


  • Git client
  • Heroku & bundler gem: gem install heroku bundler

This repository includes a base HTML 5 template for Sinatra, ready for Heroku deployment. Use bundle install to grab all of the gem dependencies. If you get lost during deployment, check out Getting Started with Heroku


git clone PROJECT_NAME
heroku create PROJECT_NAME
bundle install
git remote add heroku
git push heroku master

Testing Locally

When developing on your local machine, simply run shotgun to preview the application at localhost:9393.

Google Analytics

To enable Google Analytics for your app, I've included an analytics.haml in /views. Be sure to edit line 4 to include your account ID: _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-#######-#']);