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  • Authored by: Nathan Herzing and Willa Wang. Lead: Manu Kabahizi. CopyLeft: The Rules

  • Crowdring, originally from

  • Pre Install

    • Install Redis

      • download redis from Here

      • run tar xvf redis.version.tar

      • cd redis.version/

      • run make install

    • Install Ruby 1.9.3

    • Install database

      • defaults to PostgreSQL ie. postgres://localhost/crowdring_#{ENVIRONMENT}

      • create database crowdring_development, crowdring_test, crowdring_production locally.

  • To Install.

    • git clone

    • cd crowdring

    • bundle

    • rake db:migrate

  • To Run

  • Supported Services

    • Plivo, Twilio, Tropo, KooKoo, Voxeo, Nexmo, Routo, Netcore.
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