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thestonefox commented Oct 16, 2016 edited

So we now have a new official logo for VRTK thanks to dedication of the VRTK community.

We went through many months of ideas and iterations and finally settled on the idea of rather than looking for a cool, high tech logo, we'd go for something fun and memorable. The idea of an animal mascot was born.

Eventually the Pig rose to the top and has become the founding part of the logo and our new mascot.


We don't want to keep calling our beloved VR mascot "Pig" so let's have a competition to name the little chap!

Competition Rules

Please put your name suggestion for the pig as a response to this issue, then after a week of collecting suggestions, I'll short list the best 8 into a straw poll and then have the public vote on their favourite pig name.

The name that is the favourite will be the name of the pig and the first person who posted that name in this issue will be the winner and win a prize of a Steam Game up to the value of $30.00 (You will get to choose any game on Steam up to that value and it will be gifted to your Steam account).

Any offensive names such as curse words, inappropriate words, racism, sexism or any form of discrimination will not be eligible for the competition and the comment to the issue will be deleted. If your comment gets deleted then this is because it was not deemed appropriate for the competition, that decision is final so please don't moan about it :)


John, because I have no imagination.


Pig in Dutch or Afrikaans is Varken or Vark, respectively. Something along those lines that could work since they've both got V and R in them, also the K in VRTK.

Could combine all that to make a name like Vartken? Or maybe Vortken(almost sounds like pork)?

I think I'll continue playing with it.

JoeHart commented Oct 16, 2016 edited

Great logo!

My submission: Vera

So it's kinda like VR, get it? It's early and I haven't had coffee yet...

Also, we definitely need VRTK Pig sticker for backs of laptops/fronts of desktops

subnet- commented Oct 16, 2016

Chris P. Bacon /s


I as well like names with VR in them, especially in the beginning and end, so here's my short list by personal preference:

VictoR (cool since it also sounds like victory)

Dal1Dal commented Oct 16, 2016

I feel the most simple name is always the best so I would just call the pig.....Pinky.


Cyril 😄

Timjobb commented Oct 16, 2016

Pork Mcgogglesface


Thad O'Toole

Think about it....






Pig in my language (Maltese) is Hanzir but that would be weird to pronounce in other languages so
name it Hanzo


Well, you asked the internet. So I'm suggesting Piggy McPigface.

Sir-Viver commented Oct 16, 2016 edited

To me, that pig's name is "Wishy", Wishy the Pig, WishyPig, or Wishpig.


Love the new logo. My suggestion...


blinz117 commented Oct 16, 2016 edited

Vernon Rutherford Theston Ketteringham (the Fourth?) aka VRTK

or, Vern for short

(also, get it? KetteringHAM? Anybody? Oh, nevermind...)


Porkalini, Porkchop, Pug


Combining themed words can often work well:
Swive (Swine + Vive)
Pive (Pig + Vive)
Virtuaswine (Virtual + Swine)
Vhog (Virtual + Hog)
Vibacon (Virtual + Bacon)


Picarus (Pigarus?)




I realise I posted in the wrong place, so here's my suggestion. I thought long and hard about this, weighing all sorts of factors. This pig's name has to be Piggy McPigface.


The VR Tool Pig. Or toolpig. Or VRTP.

OMGsus commented Oct 16, 2016


Or Virty

Or Virty K.

Or just Virty. K?

SaxOps1 commented Oct 17, 2016

Victor the VR Pig!



tntfoz commented Oct 17, 2016

Darth Pig

WildStyle69 commented Oct 17, 2016 edited

Not seeing Jim's (jimthegrim) pig name here... so am throwing that in the hat on his behalf. ;-)

'Vernon the Wonderpig'

Bugzoo commented Oct 17, 2016







"Dirk Piggler"


Vernon the Wonder Pig


+1 to Piggy McPigface



xEvoGx commented Oct 18, 2016



Olivr... I dunno. I think a pig named Oliver is nice - and if you remove the e it has VR in the name... so yeah... that's my creative contribution.


@CraigASanford please sir, may I have some more vr games?



(VRTK -> Vertik)






No more entries now please.

Anything below this comment won't be considered, so don't waste your time ;)


The finalists have been chosen: you can vote on your favourite here:


The results are now in, the Pig's name is....................



Congratulations to @StoneyCoder23 you are the winner! I'll be in touch about your prize!

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xEvoGx commented Nov 7, 2016

Hamlet? Sigh Olivr is absolutely perfect on both levels... 😞

getwilde commented Nov 9, 2016

Agreed. Hamlet's not bad but I loved Olivr.

tntfoz commented Nov 10, 2016

His middle name could be Olivr and every one calls him that because there's two Hamlets in the family? :)


I don't see any protesting in the streets, so it can't be that bad! :p ;)


Maybe he goes by Hamlet, but that's actually his surname, while only his closest (600) friends even know his first name.



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