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# ThingsCon inclusivity statement
ThingsCon believes that any participant should be able to feel welcome, included, and safe at our conference. That means anyone, irrespective of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, dietary requirements, or childcare requirements.
We’re trying to address this two ways: First, we pledge to try our utmost to accommodate people’s needs. Second, we won’t tolerate staff, speakers, or attendees engaging in behaviour that excludes people, whether that’s harassment, bullying, overt or covert racism or sexism. (Not tolerating means we’ll eject people, without refund, if we have to.)
Please note that this does not mean just that we will fight aggressive behavior, but also aim that we are willing to go the extra mile for anyone with special needs (be it dietary, child care or anything else). Please talk to us. We cannot promise to solve every issue, but sure will try to make it all work.
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