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2D contour extraction

This section implements the find-contours2d function, which accepts a 2D ndarray and a scalar. It computes a list of point sequences representing all interpolated level crossings for the given value. These contour lines can then be further processed or visualized, as shown in the example below…


The following demo utilizes, and libs to create SVG based contour maps of generated dummy data. To try it out yourself, simply add the following dependency (in addition to this (ndarray) library) - geom itself depends on math & color so they don’t need to be specified in your project:

[ "0.0.815"]

These images were generated with the demo code below and show the impact of different matrix resolutions on the precision and quality of the resulting visualizations.

Note: Click on images to view in bigger resolution

Simplex noise

32 x 3264 x 64128 x 128
8916 vertices19172 vertices39702 vertices

Radial distance (modulated)

32 x 3264 x 64128 x 128
7020 vertices14652 vertices29874 vertices

Demo code

 '[ :as nd]
 '[ :as contours]
 '[ :as g]
 '[ :as v]
 '[ :as svg]
 '[ :as m]
 '[ :as n]
 '[ :as grad])

(def res 128)
(def width 640.0)
(def scale (/ width (- res 2)))
(def clipped (- width (* 2.0 scale)))
(def n-scale 0.03)
(def num-contours 60)

(defn contour->svg
  "Takes a single seq of contour coordinates and converts it into an
  SVG polygon (hiccup format)."
  (-> (map #(-> % v/vec2 v/yx (g/scale scale)) contour)

(defn noise-matrix
  "Creates a new 2D matrix of size res and populates it with simplex
  noise, then sets border cells to 1.0 and returns matrix"
  [res ns]
  (let [mat (nd/ndarray :float32 (float-array (* res res)) [res res])]
     (for [[y x] (nd/position-seq mat)]
       (nd/set-at mat x y (+ 0.5 (* 0.5 (n/noise2 (+ 101 (* x ns)) (* y ns)))))))
    (contours/set-border-2d mat 1)))

(defn circle-matrix
  "Creates new 2D matrix of size res and populates it w/ modulated
  normalized distance values from center. `spikes` arg is number of
  oscillations used to modulate. `amp` is modulation strength. Sets
  border cells to 1.0 and returns matrix."
  [res spikes amp]
  (let [mat (nd/ndarray :float32 (float-array (* res res)) [res res])
        c (/ res 2.0)
        dmax (* m/SQRT2 0.5 res)]
     (for [[y x] (nd/position-seq mat)
           :let [dx (- c x)
                 dy (- c y)
                 t  (Math/atan2 dy dx)
                 d  (Math/sqrt (* (+ 0.5 (* amp (Math/sin (* t spikes))))
                                  (+ (* dx dx) (* dy dy))))]]
       (nd/set-at mat x y (/ d dmax))))
    (contours/set-border-2d mat 1)))

(def palette
  (apply grad/cosine-gradient num-contours (:orange-blue grad/cosine-schemes)))

;; choose one...
(def mat (noise-matrix res n-scale))
;;(def mat (circle-matrix res 8 0.25))

(->> (m/norm-range num-contours)
        {:stroke (palette (int (* % (dec num-contours))))
         :fill "none"}
        (map contour->svg (contours/find-contours-2d mat %))))
      {:width width
       :height width
       :viewBox (format "%1.2f %1.2f %1.2f %1.2f" scale scale clipped clipped)})
     (spit "iso.svg"))


Loosely based on Marching Squares/Cubes implementations by Paul Bourke (C) & Murphy Stein (Java):

(def edge-index-2d
  [nil [2 0] [1 0] [1 0]
   [0 0] nil [0 0] [0 0]
   [3 0] [2 0] nil [1 0]
   [3 0] [2 0] [3 0] nil])

(def next-edges-2d
  [[-1 0] [0 1] [1 0] [0 -1]])

(defn set-border-2d
  [mat x]
  (let [[h w] (nd/shape mat)
        h' (dec h)
        w' (dec w)
        l  (nd/pick mat nil 0)
        r  (nd/pick mat nil w')
        t  (nd/pick mat 0 nil)
        b  (nd/pick mat h' nil)]
    (loop [i w']
      (when (>= i 0)
        (nd/set-at t i x)
        (nd/set-at b i x)
        (recur (dec i))))
    (loop [i h']
      (when (>= i 0)
        (nd/set-at l i x)
        (nd/set-at r i x)
        (recur (dec i))))

(defn encode-crossings-2d
  [src isoval]
  (let [out  (nd/ndarray :int8 (#?(:clj byte-array :cljs a/int8) (nd/size src)) (nd/shape src))
        iso? (fn [y x m] (if (< (nd/get-at src y x) isoval) m 0))]
    (loop [pos (nd/position-seq (nd/truncate-h src -1 -1))]
      (if pos
        (let [[y x] (first pos)
              x' (inc x)
              y' (inc y)]
           out y x
           (-> (iso? y x 0x08)
               (bit-or (iso? y  x' 0x04))
               (bit-or (iso? y' x' 0x02))
               (bit-or (iso? y' x  0x01))))
          (recur (next pos)))

(defn mean-cell-value-2d
  [src y x]
  (* (+ (+ (nd/get-at src y x) (nd/get-at src y (inc x)))
        (+ (nd/get-at src (inc y) x) (nd/get-at src (inc y) (inc x))))

(defn process-saddle5
  [src y x iso from]
  (if (> (mean-cell-value-2d src y x) iso)
    (if (== 3 from) [2 0x04] [0 0x01])
    (if (== 3 from) [0 0x0d] [2 0x07])))

(defn process-saddle10
  [src y x iso from]
  (if (> (mean-cell-value-2d src y x) iso)
    (if (== 0 from) [3 0x02] [1 0x08])
    (if (== 2 from) [3 0x0b] [1 0x0e])))

(defn mix2d
  [src y1 x1 y2 x2 iso]
  (let [a (nd/get-at src y1 x1)
        b (nd/get-at src y2 x2)]
    (if (== a b) 0 (/ (- a iso) (- a b)))))

(defn contour-vertex-2d
  [src y x to iso]
  (let [x' (inc x) y' (inc y)]
    (case (int to)
      0 [y (+ x (mix2d src y x y x' iso))]
      1 [(+ y (mix2d src y x' y' x' iso)) x']
      2 [y' (+ x (mix2d src y' x y' x' iso))]
      3 [(+ y (mix2d src y x y' x iso)) x]

(defn find-contours-2d
  [src isoval]
  (let [[h' w']  (nd/shape src)
        h'       (dec h')
        w'       (dec w')
        coded    (encode-crossings-2d src isoval)
        contours (volatile! (transient []))]
    (loop [pos  (nd/position-seq coded)
           curr (transient [])
           to   nil
           p    nil]
      (if pos
        (let [from to
              [y x] (if p p (first pos))]
          (if (or (>= x w') (>= y h'))
            (recur (next pos) curr to nil)
            (let [id         (nd/get-at coded y x)
                  [to clear] (case (int id)
                               5 (process-saddle5 src y x isoval from)
                               10 (process-saddle10 src y x isoval from)
                               (edge-index-2d (int id)))
                  curr       (if (and (nil? from) to (pos? (count curr)))
                               (do (vswap! contours conj! (persistent! curr))
                                   (transient []))
              (when clear
                (nd/set-at coded y x clear))
              (if (and to (>= to 0))
                (let [vertex  (contour-vertex-2d src y x to isoval)
                      [oy ox] (next-edges-2d to)]
                  (recur (next pos) (conj! curr vertex) to [(+ y oy) (+ x ox)]))
                (recur (next pos) curr to nil)))))
        (persistent! (conj! @contours (persistent! curr)))))))

3D contour extraction

This functionality will be ported from the module

Level crossings

This section contains somewhat less high level operations to find level crossings in 1D, 2D and 3D ndarrays. Unlike the contour extractions above, which procude a logical sequence of connected points/segments/facets in the grid, these functions here merely produce a sequence of (potentially) unconnected cell positions where thresholds are crossed and are intended for more analytical use cases. The functions all take an ndarray and contour level value and assume the array to be in major shape order (the default order), i.e. in 2D row-major (YX), in 3D slice-row-major (ZYX). The functions return interpolated grid positions where the given contour level is crossed between cells. If the array doesn’t conform to this ordering, use the nd/transpose method to create a properly ordered view before using the functions below.


(level-crossings1d (nd/ndarray :float32 [0 0 1 0]) 4 0.25)
;; (1.25 2.75)

(let [a [0 0 0
         0 1 0
         0 0 0]
      a (nd/ndarray :float32 a [3 3])]
  {:x   (level-crossings2d-x a 0.25)
   :y   (level-crossings2d-y a 0.25)
   :all (level-crossings2d a 0.25)})
;; {:x ([1 0.25] [1 1.75])
;;  :y ([0.25 1] [1.75 1])
;;  :all ([1 0.25] [1 1.75] [0.25 1] [1.75 1])}

(let [a (nd/ndarray :float32 (float-array 27) [3 3 3])]
  (nd/set-at a 1 1 1 1)
  {:x (level-crossings3d-x a 0.25)
   :y (level-crossings3d-y a 0.25)
   :z (level-crossings3d-z a 0.25)
   :all (level-crossings3d a 0.25)})
;; {:x ((1 1 0.25) (1 1 1.75))
;;  :y ((1 0.25 1) (1 1.75 1))
;;  :z ([0.25 1 1] [1.75 1 1])
;;  :all ((1 1 0.25) (1 1 1.75) (1 0.25 1) (1 1.75 1) [0.25 1 1] [1.75 1 1])}


(defn level-crossing
  [offset a b level]
  (let [da (- a level)
        db (- b level)]
    (if-not (= (>= da 0.0) (>= db 0.0))
      (+ offset (+ 0.5 (* 0.5 (/ (+ da db) (- da db))))))))

(defn level-crossings1d
  [mat shape level]
  (for [x (range (dec (if (number? shape) shape (first shape))))
        :let [x' (level-crossing x (nd/get-at mat x) (nd/get-at mat (inc x)) level)]
        :when x']

(defn level-crossings2d-x
  ([mat level]
   (level-crossings2d-x mat (nd/shape mat) level))
  ([mat [sy sx] level]
    (fn [y] (map #(vector y %) (level-crossings1d (nd/pick mat y nil) sx level)))
    (range sy))))

(defn level-crossings2d-y
  ([mat level]
   (level-crossings2d-y mat (nd/shape mat) level))
  ([mat [sy sx] level]
    (fn [x] (map #(vector % x) (level-crossings1d (nd/pick mat nil x) sy level)))
    (range sx))))

(defn level-crossings2d
  ([mat level]
   (level-crossings2d mat (nd/shape mat) level))
  ([mat shape level]
    (level-crossings2d-x mat shape level)
    (level-crossings2d-y mat shape level))))

(defn level-crossings3d-x
  ([mat level]
   (level-crossings3d-x mat (nd/shape mat) level))
  ([mat [sz sy sx] level]
    (fn [z] (map #(cons z %) (level-crossings2d-x (nd/pick mat z nil nil) [sy sx] level)))
    (range sz))))

(defn level-crossings3d-y
  ([mat level]
   (level-crossings3d-y mat (nd/shape mat) level))
  ([mat [sz sy sx] level]
    (fn [z] (map #(cons z %) (level-crossings2d-y (nd/pick mat z nil nil) [sy sx] level)))
    (range sz))))

(defn level-crossings3d-z
  ([mat level]
   (level-crossings3d-z mat (nd/shape mat) level))
  ([mat [sz sy sx] level]
    (fn [x] (map #(conj % x) (level-crossings2d-y (nd/pick mat nil nil x) [sz sy] level)))
    (range sx))))

(defn level-crossings3d
  ([mat level]
   (level-crossings3d mat (nd/shape mat) level))
  ([mat shape level]
    (level-crossings3d-x mat shape level)
    (level-crossings3d-y mat shape level)
    (level-crossings3d-z mat shape level))))

Complete namespace definition

   [ :as nd]
   #?(:cljs [ :as a])))


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