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To install js3-mode:

  1. Download the latest source at or by cloning the repository at git://
  2. Put js3.el in your emacs load path
  3. Byte-compile the file using emacs. The simplest way is to run bin/build from the command-line. If you can't run that for whatever reason, do: M-x byte-compile-file RET js3.el RET or on the command-line: emacs --batch -f batch-byte-compile js3.el It is important that you byte-compile the file using your version of emacs - one compiled with a different version of emacs might not work for you.
  4. If you want, configure the mode using M-x customize-group RET js3-mode RET

The .emacs file included with the source has an example of setting the mode to start for .js files.

In case you're not sure how to add something to your .emacs include path, here's an example (unix):

cd ~
mkdir emacs
mv js3.el emacs

In your .emacs file:

(setq load-path (cons "~/emacs" load-path))