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Tool to import OFX files to Money Manager Ex
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Project to parse [OFX] ( files and import into [Money Manager Ex] ( please note it's work in progress.


  • this doesn't currently work with encrypted MMEX DBs
  • Command line MONO application (currently only tested on MAC OS 10.9)
  • Imports all details, creating Account, Payee and Transaction where applicable.
  • Can be configured to perfrom regular expressions on the Payees to remove unwanted details (e.g. unique references that create unwanted multiple payees).


Please note that it requires a small change to the DB schema


sqlite3 Test.mmb "CREATE TABLE OfxToMmexPayeeNameRegex(ID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,regex STRING,GroupIndex INTEGER, Active INTEGER);"

The FITID column is used to ensure a transaction is imported just once (each FITID is unique to the account)


edit OfxToMmexConsoleApp.exe.config change the following two entries:

 <add name="mmex_db" connectionString="Data Source=./Test.mmb;" providerName="Mono.Data.SQLite"/> 
 <add key="log4net" value="./log4net.config"></add>

to point at your MMEX DB file and where the log4net.config is, it's the same folder as the exe.

Importing the ofx statement

mono OfxToMmexConsoleApp.exe my_bank_statement.ofx

Libraries Used:

On the wishlist:

  • Process payees already in DB - enter a regex and have payee info updated
  • Edit default Category information for payees

Wider wishlist:

This in now for MMEX in general (see footnote)...

  • Edit share price details (have historical data and display as a graph...)
  • Display net worth over time
  • Have loan and asset details (e.g. House value and mortgage, Car value and loan with balloon payment).

small footnote

I've changed this a bit from when I first put it together. Then I was on a windows only environment and very intersted in self contained services. Since then I only use windows at work (Windows 7 laptop broke and was replaced with Mac Air, as you do... :)). So I've finally got around to moving it to Mono and had to change the architecture a bit. I currently think this is good, if I make smaller components to do what I want there's less bloat and easier to hack each one!

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