Read setup configuration from ~/.liftoffrc #47

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This came up before as #35, and I turned it down, but this could possibly be an answer for this. Ideally, we could have a default config (the same setup that runs now), but if it finds a .liftoffrc config file in the home directory, it uses that instead. This would allow users to configure their projects the way they want to without increasing the overhead by forcing them to create a project-specific config file.

It could actually end up being a 3 step lookup process:

  1. ~/.liftoffrc
  2. $PWD/.liftoffrc
  3. Internal .liftoffrc

This way if you do want to configure a single project differently it can be done without changing your global config.

mokagio commented Jan 8, 2014


gabebw commented Feb 9, 2014

Can this be closed now that #51 is merged?


Sure can!

@gfontenot gfontenot closed this Feb 9, 2014
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