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New gallery with moar examples #2

thoughtpolice opened this Issue Dec 5, 2011 · 0 comments

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Matt originally had a small gallery of examples of Vacuum output, including sequences, difference lists (dlists,) and a simple example of Data.List.transpose. See here:

I've started a basic gallery inside the main repository with only a simple example (the output of the list [1, 2],) but really the gallery should be on the gh-pages branch with a page for each data type, with several examples of each.

Some simple examples of data structures that would be cool to visualize with various combinators:

  • vector
  • containers
  • dlist
  • unordered-containers (HashSet, lazy/strict HashMap - also Johans' HAMTs)
  • Data.Sequence (or perhaps generally a finger-tree)
  • Data.List
  • JSON (aeson?) for a simple type
  • FGL or a graph library
  • A priority queue (millions of choices)
  • A zipper (millions of choices)
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