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Get started on windows
Get and install
- MinGW :
- CMake :
- OpenCV :
- GIT : e.g.
- PSEyeDriver :
- CLEyeSDK :
1. build and configure OpenCV with cmake
:: you may skip to build OpenCV on your own, however i had no luck
:: the binary distribution did not work on my system
cd <where you extracted opencv>
mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -G "MinGW Makefiles"
:: now go for a coffe-break
2. Get you clone of the psmoveapi
git clone
cd psmoveapi
4. Init and update the submodules
git submodule init
git submodule update
5. make OpenCV known to your system and the cmake toolchain
set OpenCV_DIR=<the path where you extracted opencv>
set PATH=%PATH%;%OpenCV_DIR%\build\bin
You can also build opencv in a folder "opencv" inside the
source directory (opencv/build/install) and then use the
CMake option "PSMOVE_USE_LOCAL_OPENCV" to link against
OpenCV statically from this checkout / build directory.
7. prepare a new build with cmake for the psmoveapi
mkdir build
cd build
:: only with OpenCV Camera access
cmake .. -G "MinGW Makefiles"
:: additionally with Code Laboratories PS Eye SDK
cmake .. -G "MinGW Makefiles" -DPSMOVE_USE_CL_EYE_SDK=ON
8. finally build
9. start one of the desired test applications
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