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Sample Extensions

This is a collection of WebExtensions that can be used to test stuff in Thunderbird.

Sample Extension Description
addressBooks Uses the addressbooks, contacts, and mailingLists APIs and its dependencies.
apiList Lists all available APIs in different windows: tabs, options, message compose and message display window. It uses the tabs API to inject scripts and css into the message compose and message display windows.
awaitPopup Open a blocking popup and await user feedback.
composeBody Uses the compose API to access and manipulate the content of the message compose window.
dropbox Uses the cloudFile (a.k.a. FileLink) API to upload attachments to dropbox.
experiment Shows how to write an Experiment API including a function and an event and how to listen to the custom event.
filter Uses the mailTabs, menus and messages APIs to add a Filter context menu to the message list which can set certain quickfilter settings.
layout Uses the mailTabs APIs to manipulate the appearance of the main Thunderbird window.
legacyPrefMigration Shows how to migrate preferences from the legacy pref system to the WebExtension local storage.
managedStorage Uses storage.managed to access data defined by enterprise policies.
messageDisplay Uses the messageDisplay and messageDisplayAction APIs to show how to add a button to the message header, and how to react when a message is displayed.
messageDisplayScript Uses the messageDisplayScript API to display a banner with information from the currently selected message along with a button to trigger an action in the background script via runtime.sendMessage.
messageDisplayScriptPdfPreview Uses the listAttachments() and getAttachmentFile() functions of the messages API to extract attached PDFs and images, and uses the messageDisplayScript API to display an inline preview directly in the message window.
openSearchDialog Uses an Experiment to open the message search dialog. The Experiment has been created with the Experiment Generator.
optIn This extension shows how to ask the user for extended consent before using the add-on.
restart This extension uses an Experiment to add a Restart entry to Thunderbird's file menu and a second Experiment to perform the restart.
sobriety Shows how the compose.onBeforeSend event can be used: Opening a composeAction popup in the composition window when an email is about to be send, to request confirmation.
theme_experiment A theme using the theme_experiment API to change the color of the chat icon.

To use one of the extensions, clone or download this repository and either:

  • Zip the directory of your choice (manifest.json should be at the top level of the zip file) and install it like any other Add-On in Thunderbird.
  • Choose "Debug Add-Ons" from the Add-Ons Manager menu, click "Load Temporary Add-On" and select manifest.json from your source (or any other file part of your Add-On). Temporary loaded Add-Ons do not need to be zipped.


Example extensions for Thunderbird WebExtensions APIs






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