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Jiuge (九歌) Group (automatic poetry generation), Natural Language Processing Lab at Tsinghua University (THUNLP). More resources in

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  1. Datasets Datasets Public

    Poetry-related datasets developed by THUAIPoet (Jiuge) group.

    205 63

  2. StylisticPoetry StylisticPoetry Public

    Codes for Stylistic Chinese Poetry Generation via Unsupervised Style Disentanglement (EMNLP 2018)

    Python 190 61

  3. PaperList PaperList Public

    A paper list of automatic poetry generation, analysis, translation, etc.

    175 35

  4. MixPoet MixPoet Public

    Source codes of MixPoet: Diverse Poetry Generation via Learning Controllable Mixed Latent Space (AAAI 2020)

    Python 145 30

  5. BERT-CCPoem BERT-CCPoem Public

    BERT-CCPoem is an BERT-based pre-trained model particularly for Chinese classical poetry

    Python 139 19

  6. WMPoetry WMPoetry Public

    Source codes of Chinese Poetry Generation with a Working Memory Model (IJCAI 2018)

    Python 42 15


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