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Atom package for TidalCycles
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TidalCycles plugin for Atom

Build Status

TidalCycles is a live-coding pattern language

For installation instructions, please visit:

Then, you can:

  • Open a .tidal file
  • shift+enter to evaluate the current line or selection
  • (cmd/ctrl)+enter to evaluate multiple-lines or selection

To send patterns to SuperDirt, use d1 .. d9, e.g.:

d1 $ sound "bd cp"


Haskell Path

By default the plugin will use the ghci and ghc-pkg binaries in $PATH configuration.

You can configure your Haskell binary folder to use a different version of it.

Boot Tidal Path

The plugin will load the BootTidal.hs file according to this sequence:

  • if configured, the file set in the Boot Tidal Path configuration
  • if exists, the one in the current directory
  • if exists, the one in the current Tidal installation, given by the ghc-pkg binary configured with Haskell Path
  • the fallback choice is the one included with the plugin


You can turn on/off autocomplete with flag.

Documentation details with Hoogle

With hoogle the autocomplete experience will improve and official tidal documentation will be shown.

Install hoogle and set the Hoogle Path configuration (by default it's already hoogle) if you install it with stack, add two dashes at the end of the property (e.g. stack hoogle --).

After installation you have to generate tidal documentation, in your terminal run:
hoogle generate tidal
stack hoogle -- generate tidal (with stack)

Other configurations

  • Filter Prompt From Log Messages: filter long prompt comming from ghci
  • Only Log Last Message: shows only last log message on console
  • Only Show Log When Errors: show only errors from ghci


If you'd like to contribute to this package, here are some guidelines:

JavaScript Formatting

A .jsbeautifyfc file is used to define JavaScript formatting settings. Please use a beautifier package (we recommend atom-beautify) to format your changes with these settings.


Always run specs before PR.
On Atom, execute the Window: Run Package Specs command (ctrl+shift+y).
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