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The Store resource contains general settings and information about a Tienda Nube/Nuvem Shop's store.


Property Explanation
id The unique numeric identifier for the Store
name List of the names of the Store, in every language supported by the store
description List of the descriptions of the Store, in every language supported by the store
type Store type. Examples are "clothing", "sports", "electronic"
email Store owner's e-mail
logo Store logo URL, starting with // (or null if it has no logo)
contact_email Store's contact e-mail
facebook Store's Facebook URL
twitter Store's Twitter URL
google_plus Store's G+ URL
instagram Store's Instagram URL
pinterest Store's Pinterest URL
blog Store's blog URL
address Store's address
phone Store's phone
business_id Business identifier (different for each country) of the company who owns the store
business_name Business name of the company who owns the store
business_address Business address of the company who owns the store
customer_accounts "optional" if the customer is allowed to checkout as guest. "mandatory" if not.
plan_name Name of the Tienda Nube/Nuvem Shop's plan the store is on
country Store's country in ISO 3166-1 format
languages Store available languages with its currency and whether or not is active
domains List of store's domains
original_domain Original or domain for the Store
current_theme Store's current theme
main_language Store's main language
main_currency Store's main currency in ISO 4217 format
admin_language Store's admin language
created_at Date when the Store was created in ISO 8601 format


GET /store

Receive a single Store.

Parameter Explanation
fields Comma-separated list of fields to include in the response

GET /store

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

  "address": null,
  "admin_language": "pt",
  "blog": null,
  "business_id": null,
  "business_name": null,
  "business_address": null,
  "contact_email": "",
  "country": "BR",
  "created_at": "2013-01-01T05:12:51-03:00",
  "customer_accounts": "optional",
  "description": {
      "en": "",
      "es": "",
      "pt": ""
  "domains": [
  "email": "",
  "facebook": "",
  "google_plus": "",
  "id": 1234,
  "instagram": "",
  "languages": {
    "en": {
      "currency" : "USD",
      "active": true
    "es": {
      "currency" : "ARS",
      "active": false
    "pt": {
      "currency" : "BRL",
      "active": true
  "logo": "//",
  "main_currency": "BRL",
  "current_theme": "luxury",
  "main_language": "pt",
  "name": {
      "en": "Poké Store",
      "es": "Poké Tienda",
      "pt": "Poké Loja"
  "original_domain" : "",
  "phone": null,
  "pinterest": "",
  "plan_name": "Business",
  "type": null,
  "twitter": ""  
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